Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pinewood Derby

We all went to our very first Pinewood Derby last night.  Lee and Clark had been working on Clark's car for a couple of weeks.  Clark was very excited for the derby.  And being the sweet boy that he is, he was excited that we would all be there too.  I haven't taken the whole family to Pack meetings, but last night was a good exception.

Clark let Lee design the shape of the car, and Clark designed the artistic touches. Clark placed 5th out of 13 kids.  Clark was a good sport about getting 5th place; and with 13 kids 5th isn't bad.  Well, 13th wouldn't be bad either for that matter!
Jan 25 2012 Clark

The kids really enjoyed watching the races...52 of them actually.  Okay, so my kids didn't watch ALL of heats, but they enjoyed many of them.
Jan 25 2012 Clark Ruth Shanna Haley Cal

Jan 25 2012 Pinewood Derby

Shanna loved getting Clark's car after its race.
Jan 25 2012 Shanna

Clark and Lee. Dad's first pinewood derby with his oldest son, with many more to come!
Jan 25 2012 Clark Lee Elden

Some of the Cub Scouts.  They all look so young!  And of course they are.  Sometimes I forget that an 8 year-old is still a young kid. Definitely a photo for the photo album (when I finally print one).
Jan 25 2012 Clark and pack members

Lee brought one of his boyhood pinewood derby cars and raced it against Clark's.  Lee won.
Jan 25 2012 Lee with Clark and Lee derby cars


Megan and Jeremy said...

Ruth! I'm so behind on your blog, I feel bad but I'm glad you update so frequently :) So happy birthday to YOU! Glad you had a good one. I like all of your New Year's traditions. We don't really have any of those yet with the kids & I really like the smashing the gingerbread house thing. Much better than actually eating them :) Good job Clark on the race!

Sarah and Todd said...

Fun! I can't wait until Ashton is old enough for these! I always loved watching my brothers do it. By the way, I LOVE the round bread!

Cardiganwearer said...

Looks like Lee needs to get some pinewood derby tips from Grandpa. He'll have it prefect by the time he gets to Elden. The oldest son never wins the pinewood derby. (sorry Clark).