Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Over the Christmas break Mom R sent me some boxes of scrapbooking things.  All of us had a fun time looking through them.  One day we pulled out some stamps.  We'll have to do this more often!

Dec 29 2011 Haley Shanna Clark

Dec 29 2011 Clark

Dec 29 2011 Cal Haley Shanna

Dec 29 2011 Shanna

Dec 29 2011 Cal Haley

The day of my birthday Lois and co met us at our church.  We had just finished a breakfast where the kids could come and meet their new primary teacher.  We went to Sharp Shopper for the first time together.  It was very fun.  LOVE that store!

After lunch we went to the park.  I loved the nice weather over Christmas break.  If it's not going to snow it might as well be warm!
Dec 30 2011 Reed Elden

Dec 30 2011 Lois Ruth

Dec 30 2011 Clark and friend

The kids like to wrestle...always on the couch.  Maybe because it's soft?
Dec 30 2011 wrestling on couch

Yep, four kids in that pile. Looks like Cal is not the king of the hill this go around.
Dec 30 2011 wrestling on couch (2)

While Lois and I were out shopping Lee and the kids decorated this sign.  So cute! We went to The Valley Pantry for the first time (LOVE that store too!) and also EAUS--the local thrift store.  I got a cute purse there.  Someday I promise I will post a picture! I love shopping with my sisters/sisters-in-law!  It's one of my favorite activities!
Dec 30 2011 Ruth bday!

Dec 30 2011 bday

Dec 30 2011 Ruth Cal

My cute Baby Blake nephew!
Dec 30 2011 Blake Heit

My sweetie pies!
Dec 30 2011 Haley Clark Ruth Elden Cal Shanna

Yep, there are 32 candles on there. For my family I like to have the exact number of candles.  If I am there for my parents' birthdays (mainly my dad's) I like to put the exact number on their cakes too. Lois volunteered Jeff to makes this Oh So Lovely Cake.  YUM!!!
Dec 30 2011 Haley Ruth Elden Cal

Lots of smoke!  I just need to remind myself that I am young!  Before I know it I'll be 40....
Dec 30 2011 Haley Elden Ruth Cal Shanna (2)

Dec 30 2011 Clark Reed Lee

Dec 30 2011 Jeff & Lois Heit

Dec 30 2011 Cal Shanna

This cake was so good.  Chocolate Mousse Cake with chocolate ganache.  YUM!  THANKS JEFF!
Dec 30 2011 Jeff's yummy cake

Dec 30 2011 chocolate mousse cake

Blake thoroughly enjoyed the cake!
Dec 30 2011 Blake Heit (2)

Dec 30 2011 Haley Cal Ruth Elden Shanna

Lee gave me Jenga and Skipbo; some games we've been wanting. Thanks Lee!  He also gave me some cold-weather Army socks that he had never opened.  They're the best "slipper socks"!
Dec 30 2011 Haley Ruth Elden

Lois gave me a HUGE bag of Ghiradelli chocolate chips (along with a subscription to Everyday Food--I love their emails).  Elden was so excited when he saw it!

Dec 30 2011 Elden

I had a few phone calls, some cards and LOTS of facebook messages on my birthday.  It was a fun day.  To end it Lois and I stayed up insanely late watching He Knew He Was Right.  I would recommend it!  There is a little swearing though.  We went to bed a little after 3am and still had one segment to go.  My little library here is part of the Massanutten Regional Library.  What I love about it is that I can go online and request books, DVDs, and audio books to be put on hold and they are delivered right here in town!  I don't need to worry about going to the main library, or a different branch.  I do have to make sure to allow a week or more to receive the specific item. And He Knew He Was Right arrived right in time to watch it with Lois!

Thanks everyone for a fun birthday!


Caldwells said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas, New Years and Birthday! I loved seeing all the pictures and catching up on what has been going on with you guys! To answer your question about my blog background, I can't remember where I found it. I was looking all over for one I liked. Sorry not much help! I had a question for you. How far away are you guys from Washington DC?

Lois said...

That was definitely a fun day!! Happy Birthday! :D

Cardiganwearer said...

That does look like a good cake.