Monday, January 23, 2012

Babysitting Weekend

A few weeks ago Lois told me about an upcoming trip her family was going to take to Philadelphia. I brought up the amazing suggestion (if I say so myself!) that she and Jeff go by themselves and I'll watch her kids.  Well, she loved the idea and they had a fun get-away last weekend.  Clark asked if they went on a honeymoon; too funny.

Shanna got a hold of the camera one morning...
Jan 11 2012 Shanna (2)

Jan 11 2012 Shanna (3)

Jan 11 2012 Shanna (4)

Baby Blake slept so well for us! Grover was pretty good too. I didn't know he was so shy.
Jan 12 2012 Blake sleeping

Cal doing a "storytime" with Reed and Shanna.
Jan 12 2012 Reed Cal Shanna reading time

Jan 12 2012 Blake

I love that Elden and Blake like to play with each other!
Jan 12 2012 Blake Elden

Funny enough, with two extra kids for the weekend, we had a great time!  Blake and Reed enjoyed themselves.  Sacrament meeting wasn't too bad either.  There was some extra squiggling, but it was Elden that was making the most noise! Lois and Jeff met up with us last Sunday evening for dinner.  Lois spoiled me by staying an extra day when they came to pick them up (they left Monday night).  We had a fun trip on Monday to Sharp Shopper and watched Rachael Ray...exciting, I know! 

When Lois left on Monday she took Haley with her.  I was sad that she was gone, but Haley seemed to have a wonderful time at Lois'.  It was weird not having Haley here for a few days...and Elden and Shanna were bouncing all over the place!  I guess Haley has a calming factor?

Elden has been building little Lego creations of his own lately...and they're so cute!
Jan 16 2012 Elden

Jan 16 2012 Elden (2)

Jan 16 2012 Elden (3)

Jan 16 2012 Elden (4)

Since the boys didn't have school on Friday we went to DC, picked up Haley and swapped going to the temple with Lois and Jeff.  Lee and I also went to the commissary and Aldi for some February groceries. If all goes as planned we'll stay in budget for groceries in January!  Well we better...the money is all spent!

We met up with Lois at a shopping center.  There was a little music/play group thing going on in the mall atrium.  After we stopped at McDonald's and Lois and her friend treated all of the kids to a snack.  Thanks!  My kids loved it!
Jan 20 2012 McDonald's in Rockville

The night before we went to DC the PTA showed Cars 2 at the school.  It was a fun night. The PTA gave away 50 door prizes!  Clark and Elden won some fun Cars 2 paper/pens/paint things.  My friend Laura's kids each won something! We actually didn't stay the entire time because the speakers weren't broadcasting the sound very well and it was pretty noisy.  Lois had rented Cars 2 so we watched it Friday night while she and Jeff were at the temple. Well, I watched a little.  I took a nap so I could drive home.

When we left DC I drove through a little snow storm on the way home.  Thankfully we arrived home just fine. It took over three hours to get home though, when it normally would only take two.  I am glad people in DC are very cautious though when it comes to icky freeways! I couldn't believe a movie my brother shared about the snow storm in Utah this weekend! Keep it muted to by-pass the swearing.  And all this happened in front of some guy's house! CRAZY!

I have been enjoying my primary class.  I team-teach with another lady and I thought that would be weird, but it's great. We teach the sunbeams and we need two people in there--mainly because there are quite a few of them. They are sweet kids. I taught the lesson a week ago and really enjoyed the spirit that was in the room.  It was great telling each of the children one by one that they lived in Heaven before they were born and that each of them is a special daughter/son of God.  I still love Relief Society, but I also am loving Primary too!  Plus, there are so many primary songs I need to learn!

Besides everyday life, not much else is going on.  I hope our last tax form comes soon as I would like the taxes submitted soon. Also, I want it to snow and to have a snow day!  We FINALLY bought sleds.  Three of them actually.  We've never bought them before because they were always so expensive. Our previous neighbors were nice and let us use theirs...or we would use some pool floaties I bought for a really cheap price. But of course now that we have sleds, there is no snow!  The little amounts of snow that have come down this winter melted quite quickly. At least it's only January.

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Lois said...

Thanks for babysitting so we could have an awesome getaway!! And thanks for letting us steal Haley for a week - it was fun having her here!