Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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I ended with $0.03 left in the January budget.  Whew!  I love how the pennies, along with other currency/coins, have the inscription, "In God We Trust".  I am glad it's February--and it's a GORGEOUS day out too! (64 degrees at present.) I bought several food items in January with the intent to use them in February.  My kids would see the food in my room (that is where our food storage shelves are) and would ask if they could have something or other, like applesauce.  I would say no, it's for February.  Thankfully they were accepting of the fact that they would have to wait.  Well February is now here.  Guess we'll break out the applesauce in celebration!

I was very pleased about staying within my food budget last month (okay I did add $0.66 to it)...AND I was able to do food storage too!  Having Sharp Shopper here has been such a blessing.  It's nice to know that I can keep the food expenses low, and continue to do one or two food storage purchases a month. For February I stocked up on sugar and black beans. In January I bought 50 pounds of wheat and 50 pounds of flour. 

Lee and I are feeling incredibly blessed right now.  It's such a blessing to pay tithing and fast offerings.  We also are grateful for the power of prayer; its power truly is real.


Señora H-B said...

You guys are such an inspiration. We got SO off track with finances, but we're finally on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon and counting every penny.

Melissa S. said...

3 pennies? You rock. That would've meant I would be OUT of my budget, because I only pay w/ bills and we throw all change in a jar (we use that for Christmas gifts in December).
Man, we just think so much alike, too bad we don't live by each other.