Friday, January 13, 2012

Sharp Shopper

There is a grocery store outlet nearby that I recently started shopping at.  I had heard about Sharp Shopper, but never went there.  While I was at my friend's house on Christmas we started talking about Sharp Shopper.  I started asking her about prices and that got me hooked.  I had to check this place out.  And of course, I LOVE IT.

Lee went shopping there this evening.  These are a few of the regular deals we see.

Jan 12 2012

$0.50 each
Jan 12 2012 (2)

$0.50 each
Jan 12 2012 (4)

And these yummy little babies.....$0.25 each
Jan 12 2012 (3)

The trick for me will be to NOT buy things I don't need.  I almost told Lee not to get the little Berry Granola Crunch's. Yeah, it's only $0.50, but I really want to stay in budget for food this month.  He stayed under budget for the shopping trip. So far so good!

What I like about this place is that you don't need coupons...and I actually don't think you could use them even if you had them.  There is no scanner associated with the check-out.  Every price is punched in by hand.  But who knows, maybe you can use coupons?!  I'll have to ask! And something else that I love, they are closed on Sundays! I appreciate stores that close their doors on the Sabbath to let their employees worship and spend time with family. And since I've found Sharp Shopper, I am not sad about my commissary privileges ending in a couple of years. Among other things I also bought cereal there for $.99 a box, along with canned black beans, 3 for $.99.

There is another store I recently discovered in my new "hometown". It's called The Valley Pantry.  I'll have to get a picture of it! My sister and I went there on my birthday to peruse. SO FUN and another favorite!  There is a deli there (with some great looking meat and cheese I might add) along with lots of spices, a variety of different flavorings, flours, baking ingredients, homemade jams, salsas, jumbo mushroom popcorn kernels...etc!  A Mennonite family owns the store and they too are closed on Sunday.  YAY! And like all the other stores here, it's close.  Though I necessarily wouldn't walk there, though I certainly could, it's an easy bike ride away.

Hopefully soon I will post about my birthday, New Year's, a fun find at my local thrift store and a visit from my friend April!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Risa Stumm said...

I'm sold! Sharp Shopper is officially on my list of "things to check out!"

Lois said...

Love those stores!!

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

Why can't there be a Sharp Shopper where I live!!! So glad you found a good place to shop!

M said...

Thanks for posting on Sharp Shopper!! A Sharp Shopper just opened up in Winchester (45 minutes away). We went there for MLK day, and found GREAT deals. We can't wait to go back! Thanks! -Matthias & Rebecca