Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shanna and Haley are Mobile, Really.

A couple of months ago as I was leaving my friend's house, I noticed a little 12" girl bike in her trash.  I asked if I could have it (and a folding chair).  Of course she didn't care and after Lee pumped up the tires and our neighbor Tony gave us a pedal, Haley was ready to go.  Tony coached her for about 10 minutes and she was riding a bike.  And she never had training wheels mind you.  I wasn't surprised as she is a little too good on a scooter.  Well, the sibling rivalry kicked in and now, somewhat surprising to me, Shanna is riding a bike sans training wheels too!  Of course that caused a slight problem: sharing a bike.  Really it was also a bonus too--only ONE girl to watch on a bike, not two.

Today Lee has the day off because there have been 100 fatality free days.  Thanks Army!  This morning I got up a little early and met my friend Heather for my first CrossFit work out.  Yes, my legs are slightly wobbly, but I made it home in one piece (I rode my bike to and from).  One the way home I stopped at the thrift store. My neighbor friend mentioned that she recently got a bike there for $7.  Lucky me, there were TWO 12" girl bikes for $2 each!  I had Lee pick them up and he just bought both of them.  If needs be he can use the other for parts (great idea--I never thought of that!).

Now I have to be on double look-out!
June 28 2011 SHanna and Haley

June 28 2011 Shanna and Haley (2)

A few friends were over this afternoon and had a little dance party.
June 28 2011 Ireland Priddis, Gavin Walgate

June 28 2011 Arizona and Ireland Priddis, Gavin Walgate

I just have to brag about Lee.  While I was gone this morning, he: got the kids breakfast (oatmeal), made sure they were dressed, had them clean the play room, the girls cleaned their room, mopped the floor, played outside with the kids, read his scriptures, and read with the boys.  WOW!  And I got home about 11am.  I don't need to take time management classes, I just need to ask my husband his amazing secrets to productiveness! Then I was nice and let him take the girls, pick up the bikes at the thrift store (that was the fun part) and bring them to get their immunizations.  They were all smiles when they got home as Lee bought them Airheads at the PX.  (I love Airheads!)  He also got the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie on VHS.  I think we'll watch that for the upcoming family movie night.

Last night Lee and I watched Little Dorrit.  SO GOOD!  I wish we could have finished it in just one night, but it's really long; it's a TV miniseries on DVD.  But I like really long movies! Lee has a four-day weekend this weekend for the 4th, which is great too.  I am quite spoiled!

Except for the gnats, we are having a lovely summer.  (Though I feel very unproductive!)  Hope you are enjoying your summer too!


Rachel said...

Ruth you crack me up! I love how you asked for your neighbor's garbage! :) Too bad you don't live closer...you and I could go yard sale-ing together and score some sweet deals!

Dean and Elaine said...

Ruth, you are the "Queen" of budgeting. I love hearing about all your good deals! :)

Cardiganwearer said...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gave me nightmares as I child. Gene Wilder is just so amazing,...and creepy in that movie.

Any-who, it was nice to visit you guys last month. I can't wait to come and see you in Elkton! Thanks again.

Megan and Jeremy said...

Little Dorritt is so good!!! I'm glad you got to watch it & I like that Lee watched it with you -Jeremy likes BBC too :)

And that is cool about the girls having their own bikes! After this next coming weekend we will be done having family over so we should see when a good time would be to get together before you guys become Virginians!