Monday, June 20, 2011


We've been pretty busy this week. Lee with business stuff and me with babysitting. I also participated in our Ward's visiting teaching conference on Saturday. My president did a really good job organizing the whole thing. She is amazing!

Lee is still busy with his business plans and really, he always will be.  I guess we are looking forward to the business being up and running, but we need to enjoy the whole journey, right? Lee purchased a couple of things recently for the business, which is exciting. Lately we've been looking into advertising, getting a phone number, getting in the phone book, checking out options for business signs, and looking into rental houses. Plus lots of other little where to buy prescription pads, alcohol wipes and other eye paraphernalia; what kind of supplies are still at the current office; and calling around asking what other doctors charge for eye exams and contact lens exams. It has been interesting starting this business.  I definitely look at businesses, small ones particularly, in a different way.  I have a great respect for small businesses that have taken their ideas and hard work and have made a successful business for themselves and for their employees.

The other day I also picked up Lee's Virginia license. We had his Nevada license framed to match his diploma from SCO.  His Virginia license is bigger than the Nevada one, but the local frame shop, Micheal's Frames and Things, did a great job re-cutting the matting and reformatting it all.

Here is our slit lamp...nice, huh!

We fed the missionaries Tuesday evening.  Elder Moxon is leaving our area. He has been here for 7 1/2 months. He has a special assignment to go to Joplin as a service missionary.  I am not sure when he is going to go there, but how neat! We always have great Elders in this ward.  And sorry Elder, my kids kept wanting to jump on you and hug you!
June 14 2011 Ruth, lee, Clark Shanna Haley Elden, Elder Moxon

One night we had cinnamon rolls for a bedtime snack.
June 15 2011 Elden

June 15 2011 Elden (2)

June 15 2011 Cal

June 15 2011 Clark

June 15 2011 Shanna Haley

The kids started an art project one morning.
June 17 2011 Cal and Clark

June 17 2011 Cal Clark Shanna Haley

Those are a few of our happenings.  Another busy week is ahead!

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