Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cal turns 6!

Cal recently turned 6 on Thursday and it seems he had a great day.  While discussing presents with Clark and what he was going to give him (I was suggesting an old toy) my next idea was for Clark to empty the dishwasher for Cal.  Clark and Cal and I take turns unloading the dishwasher and Cal's turn fell on Wednesday.  Tuesday night I reminded Clark about the surprise and Clark made a card that night to put in the dishwasher.  The next morning Clark got up early (even before I was awake), went downstairs and unloaded the dishwasher.  When he came to tell me that he had done it, he sounded very excited.  He thoroughly enjoyed telling Cal: "Go unload the dishwasher." 

I had to snap some pictures of the early birthday present.  Cal looks like he just woke up!
June 8 2011 Cal prebirthday

Clark's card to Cal
June 8 2011 Cal prebday present from Clark--opening the dishwasher

June 8 2011 Clark and Cal

That night I met up with some friends to say goodbye to our mutual friend Christine.  I am going to miss you Christine!  I was glad to get some pictures of a few of my favorite people here before I move!
June 8 2011 Christine Phillips goodbye, Alyssa Tribe, Christina Phillips, Emi Stapler, Ruth

Another shot...what beautiful friends!
June 8 2011 Christine Phillips going away party, El Jimador, St. Robert MO, Alyssa Tribe, Kori Lopez, Christine Phillips, Kristi Sexton, Ruth

Cal's cake all complete.  We actually finished the cake before midnight! But then I stayed up insanely late watching a movie.... So, Cal wanted a building with Lego guys coming out of the windows.  This is what we came up with....not the most creative thing ever.  It's hard to go with an "idea". 
June 8 2011 Cal's bday cake, a lego building

And sorry, no Lego guys coming out of the windows, but Cal LOVED the cake!
June 8 2011 Cal's bday (2)

Happy Birthday Cal! 
June 9 2011 Cal's bday

We did do a couple of fun things for his birthday.  For lunch the kids met dad at a park and later we went swimming.  Before swimming I took all of them in the library only to find out I had forgotten to bring back a DVD.  Thus, I couldn't check anything out or use the computer to try and get some coupons.  Oh well.

Party time!
June 9 2011 Cal's bday Lee clark

June 9 2011 Cal's bday (3)

June 9 2011 Cal's bday Clark

Happy, happy birthday Cal!  We love having you in our family and you are a wonderful boy!


andyandsteph said...

I love the present that Clark gave Cal! I also love the picture of them hugging. It is way cute! Happy Birthday Cal! I'm glad you had a great day :)

britt said...

That's so cool how you guys are teaching your kids to serve one another, I LOVE that picture of them hugging each other! I also love how you always make a special cake for them, they'll have such great memories when their older!

Lois said...

That is the cutest story and I love the card!! Happy Birthday Cal!! You are such a sweet boy!!! We love you!