Monday, July 4, 2011

Library, Tent, Slip-n-Slide

Our outings for the week....

One night we went to the library. Afterwards we went behind the library, had family scripture reading, and ate Italian ice.  (Can't beat $0.75 at the commissary!  Well, my friend Nadine got some for $0.50-even better!)
June 30 2011

June 30 2011 (2)

June 30 2011 (3)

A crooked picture, but it's really pretty behind the library. And on our way to the library there were some trainees lined up outside, waiting to go into a building.  As we rode past on our bikes, I called out: "Happy Fourth of July.  Thanks!"  Hopefully they caught the meaning of my choppy message--thanking them for their service and, partly because of them, the freedoms I enjoy. (I say only partly because it's mainly God whom I have to thank.)  Immediately after, I felt a surge of gratefulness to live in this amazing country.  Our amazing military members do so much; I am deeply grateful.  
June 30 2011 (4)

We did pick up our garbage before we left.....
June 30 2011 (5)

I love how Elden will just lie on the ground. (Did I use the right lie/lay word Mom?)
June 30 2011 (7)

The boys and Lee didn't go on the Father's and Son's camp out in May because we were having a great time visiting family that weekend.  Lee set up the tent so he and the boys could have somewhat of a camping experience.  At one point Clark asked Lee if Lee could bring the air conditioning out to the tent! 
June 30 2011 (8)

June 30 2011 (9)

June 30 2011 (11)

The next night I slept in the tent with the girls--they wanted to do it too!
June 30 2011 (12)

After the tent sleeping, we had our friends over for dinner and a fire.  They are moving soon, sadly.  The only good thing about people moving away is that we are moving soon too.  But I am trying not to think about moving, too much anyway.  I get sad thinking about leaving all my good friends.
July 1 2011 Clark Patrick & Aiden Hippler

July 1 2011 Elden

Lee, being the awesome dad he is because I would never do this, pulled out the slip-n-slide on Saturday.  Lee has a four-day weekend due to the 4th of July and has been doing lots of fun things with the kids.  Thanks Lee!  Of course ice pops were needed after the fun...
July 2 2011 Clark Elden Shanna Haley Cal

July 2 2011 Clark Elden Shanna Haley Cal (2)

July 2 2011 Shanna, Elden

Happy 4th Everyone!


Melissa S. said...

That is an AWESOME tent!!! Looks like you all had so much fun! I can't believe how big Elden is getting!

Lois said...

Yep, Ruth, you got your lie/lay correct (unless I am wrong). Great post. Sounds like a fun holiday weekend. Love you guys!

Roger said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!