Saturday, June 11, 2011

St. Louis

The first Saturday in June we had a St. Louis day.  First Lee and I enjoyed going to the temple-we swapped kids.  I think that will be one of the last times we go to the St. Louis Temple in the near future.  Next month we will be in Nauvoo and the month after that we will be the in the Washington, D.C. temple district. next we went to the St. Louis Zoo.  We haven't been yet this year and Cal wanted to go for his birthday.  We were a few days early, but we are all about combining trips.  We had a fun time there.  Thanks Megan for telling us about the turtle park.  That is where we park our van and it's great!
June 4 2011 Turtle Park, St. Louis, MO Haley and Cal

We saw the insect "display" for the first time.
June 4 2011 St. Louis Zoo Haley Clark Cal Shanna Elden

June 4 2011 St. Louis Zoo Haley

June 4 2011 St. Louis Zoo Lee

We saw the penguins too for the first time at this zoo.
June 4 2011 St. Louis Zoo Cal

It was EXTREMELY smelly at the penguin area.  Haley wanted a tissue to cover her nose.  Next best thing: a wet wipe.
June 4 2011 St. Louis Zoo Haley (2)

A must stop for Cal: prairie dogs.
June 4 2011 St. Louis Zoo

June 4 2011 St. Louis Zoo Elden

June 4 2011 St. Louis Zoo Cal Haley Shanna

Our next destination: the St. Louis Arch.  We planned on going earlier this year when tourists are few, but with traveling and whatnot, it never happened.  Lee took Clark and Cal with him on the ride that goes in the Arch.  It sounded pretty fun!  Someday we will all go...
June 4 2011 St. Louis Arch Lee Clark Cal Shanna

Right before you get on your "pod" there is a type of entertainment/museum-ish area.
June 4 2011 St. Louis Arch Clark Cal

While the guys were taking in amazing views, the girls (and Elden) and I went to Levee's Mercantile in the Arch Museum and bought some candy.  Salt water taffy $0.07 each.  Hard candy sticks $0.50 each.  For a tourist attraction I LOVED the prices on the sweets! And you should ALL be impressed that I actually bought something at a tourist-y place!  I know you are Lois!
June 4 2011 St. Louis Arch (9)

St. Louis is such a fun city and it would have been fun to explore it more...maybe someday when we aren't lugging around a double stroller, an umbrella stroller, and have a tight budget.  As of late the temple trips alone have been what we've needed.


Lois said...

I LOVE the picture of Haley with the wet wipe in front of her nose - so funny!!

And yes - I'm very impressed that you got something at a tourist-y place! ;)

Meri said...

I'm so jealous you were in St. Louis, my home town! Isn't the zoo great?! And it's free! We have lots of similar pictures with my boys from the St. Louis Zoo. You should definitely go up in the arch sometime, totally worth it. I know what you mean though about lugging kids and strollers around. We are doing that here in NYC this summer and it's exhausting I need 2 days to recover from a day outing.