Monday, June 27, 2011


We've had a few events go on here the last week. Aside from babysitting, we had a family party one night as a reward and Lee went to Joplin over the weekend.

Since we have a new camera, the "old" digital one is now the kid camera I guess.  We don't mind (and haven't minded for awhile now) if they walk around and take pictures with it. It's always interesting to see what pictures they've snapped.

Here is one of Cal pulling a dance move.  Not sure to whom the credit goes to for the photographer...
June 10 Cal

And I am sure Cal took this one, as this is his new police car that he bought with his birthday money.
June 10 2011 Police Car

And a view of the street. 
June 10 2011 Veiw from front window

Elden lounging in a crate. The luxuries we indulge our children in!
June 21 2011 Elden

About the family party.  Tuesday night Lee went to help some people move into their house.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted the kids asleep on time!  (It's been awhile sadly!)  If everyone was asleep by 8pm, or pretended to be asleep, the reward would be a family party the following evening with lots of goodies and a movie.  Well, it worked!  Okay, there was a slight fudge in the criteria.  Clark I guess never fell asleep and he came and told us so about 1 1/2 or 2 hours later.  I thought about not doing the party, but Lee said that he followed the initial criteria and a party we had.

I tried out a new recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Very yummy!  The dough was oh so good too!  Here is the link from Your Cup of Cake: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
June 22 2011

After the movie we went outside for a little bit. The kids caught lightening bugs and we played frisbee.  It was a very fun evening.
June 22 2011 Clark fireflies

June 22 2011 Cal

By the way, Shanna and Haley had their well child check-ups last week.  And conveniently for me they decided to be sick in conjunction with their appointments.  Two for One!  What is funny is that they weigh the same, but here are the stats.  (Sorry, stats get old, but here you go anyway...and I think I remembered them right.)  Shanna Height: 50%, Weight: 50%.  Haley Height: 80%, Weight: 30%.  Haley is an inch taller than Shanna.  I think it's fun that they "have something on each other".  Shanna is older, Haley is taller.  A nice balance.
June 22 2011 Shanna Haley Clark Cal fireflies

Last week I noticed Elden wasn't walking around and such. I found him like this in the play room.  You need lots of rest when you play, play, play!
June 22 2011 Elden sleeping

Our friends have a battery operated motorcycle. Well, it looks like one.  Clark has ridden it a few times and it's so fun.  I would actually love to buy one someday.  That and a Roomba.
June 24 2011 Clark

Cal is doing great on his bike!
June 24 2011 Cal

I took a few pictures of the guys from the St. Robert Ward before they headed out to Joplin to help with the clean-up. My church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is organizing groups of men to come out every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) to help with the clean-up efforts in Joplin, Missouri. 
June 24 2011 St. Robert Ward Joplin Clean-up (2)

June 24 2011 St. Robert Ward Joplin Clean-up

June 24 2011 St. Robert Ward Joplin Clean-up (3)

Lee and his friend Sam, heading out!
June 24 2011 St. Robert Ward Joplin Clean-up (4)

Lee took the "kid" camera to Joplin.  He had a great time and enjoyed lots of hard work.  They arrived Friday night and set up camp.  Saturday and Sunday he and several others helped with work orders that had been submitted.  Lee told me that the destruction was a mile wide, and six miles long! It was disheartening for him to look out in certain areas and see only the destruction from the tornado path.

Lee told me that the actual Home Depot building was ruined...this is a tent.

The volunteers from our church wore shirts that read "Mormon Helping Hands".
June 26 2011 St. Robert Ward (2)

June 26 2011 (2)

June 26 2011 (3)

Lee told me that with this house you can see that the wind slid the house off of the foundation.
June 26 2011 (4)

While Lee was in Joplin we kept busy going to a park, a birthday party, grocery shopping, the dentist, Walmart, sprinkler park, the library and of course church.  Colten saved me at church and helped with Elden.  Thanks Colten!  Colten just received his mission call and he is also going to the California, Los Angeles Mission, Spanish speaking (same one I went to--I spoke English though)!  I am so excited for him.  I love that two young men from our congregation will be in the California, Los Angeles Mission.   Now we just need a young woman from our ward to go to the Los Angeles Temple Visitors' Center!

There are more pictures of Joplin, but I think Lee might update his blog and do a post about it on there.

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