Friday, June 3, 2011

End of School Time

School has been done for TWO weeks now!  Crazy!  My boys had a great school year and I think the boys enjoyed it.  We took them out of school early to go to Virginia.  We needed to get some "business" taken care of and thought it would be better to go sooner than later. 

A week before the trip the Elder's Quorum had an activity night.  We met at a park for dinner and then we all went bowling. It was really fun and Lee got the highest overall score!
May 13 2011 Lee bowling

The latest of Clark's Lego creations...some sort of robot.
May 15 2011 Clark's lego robot

Of course with the end of the school year came the end of preschool.  Four other moms and I took turns teaching our youngsters twice a week.  There were six kids total.  I thought about not joining in, but the girls really enjoyed being in preschool with their friends.  For the last day we met at a park and had some treats. It was chilly outside!
May 17 2011 Shanna preschool park playdate, St. Robert MO

May 17 2011 Haley at park

May 17 2011 Hailey Phillips, preschool

May 17 2011 Elden and Kaytee Skinner

May 17 2011 Elden

SO, on to the trip to Virginia.  I went to bed really early that night, around 7:30pm.  I woke up at 11:30 and we were on the road at 12:06 am.  We arrived at Lois' in Maryland around 4pm.  We only stopped TWICE the whole trip!  After getting situated Lee and I went to the temple.  Right when we got back we swapped and Jeff and Lois went to the temple.  We had a fun time visiting them.  It was short, but it's always fun to go to Lois'! The next morning we got up early and went to our new ward in Virginia. The kids did well in Sacrament meeting (thankfully!) and did REALLY well going to their classes.  We met a lot of great people and it should be a great ward.  After church we drove back up to Lois' and spend the rest of the evening with them.  Thanks for all the yummy meals Lois!
May 22 2011 Elden and Blake Heit

May 22 2011 Ruth Elden

May 22 2011 Lee Elden Cal

Darling Blake.  A cutie and a sweetie.  Just a great baby!
May 22 2011 Blake

Playing with Reed is always fun!
May 22 2011 Haley Reed Shanna

May 22 2011 Shanna Reed Haley

The next couple of days we basically spent time talking to people and looking at stuff.  There are more details, but I won't bore you.

Outside of Lee's possible new workplace!  Reminds me of Mayberry and Andy Griffith...
May 23 2011

In the town where we were at there was a cute caboose by a McDonald's.  It would be a great place to take pictures at.  It was unlocked (not sure if it was supposed to be) and the kids had fun going in.  It was INCREDIBLY filthy on the inside.
May 23 2011 Haley Shanna

May 23 2011 Haley Shanna

May 23 2011 Clark

Yep. Filthy.
May 23 2011 Clark Shanna Haley

May 23 2011 Elden (2)

May 23 2011 Cal

May 23 2011 Elden (4)

Can you see a tiny bit of the view?  Gorgeous!
May 23 2011 Ruth Elden Clark

A family in the ward invited us over for dinner Monday evening. They have a fun place out in the country.  We enjoyed being with them.  They are very kind, fun people. 

After our "business" was done, we decided to just head on home.  We stopped at a rest area and ate dinner.  I bought our little emergency stove to prepare dinner.
May 24 2011 dinner on the road

May 24 2011 dinner on the road Shanna Cal Clark

May 24 2011 dinner on the road Elden

May 24 2011 dinner on the road Cal

May 24 2011 dinner on the road Shanna Clark

May 24 2011 dinner on the road Clark Cal

We'll see you soon Virginia and Lois (hopefully you too Daniel and Amy!).  I can't believe we are moving in two months!  It makes me sad thinking about leaving here....

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