Thursday, April 24, 2008

To clarify for Roger, no I never did throw up after eating a whole thing of Ben & Jerry's. Whew! It was a close one! So three pregnancies and only once throwing-up...not too bad, right? I got lucky with the throw-up thing, that's for sure.

Most of you have heard that song about having a bad day..."You've had a bad day"...I don't know the artist's name. Anyway, Clark has been asking me "What is a bad day?" Tonight I was listening to Delilah (yes, I am a Delilah fan!) and that song came on. He asked again, "What is a bad day?" I said something about getting hurt or being sad. Then questioningly, he offered an answer: "When your cookie gets smashed and your toy gets broken?" You couldn't be more right Clark!


britt said...

The artist is Daniel Powter... maybe his surname is in reference to the smashed cookies:)

Roger said...

Clark could work for the dictionary cause thats how I define bad days too! Its so fun to hear about them. Have fun at graduation!