Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hi everyone! We had a great week. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Lee graduates next week. I am so excited!

The weather was in the upper 70s on Friday and the pool was open. We couldn't miss the chance to go to the pool. The water was freezing but Shanna and Clark enjoyed it!

Emerson Smith had a birthday party on Friday. Here is a pictures of the moms.

Melissa Smith--Emerson's mom--has a red jacket on and her husband is graduating med school the same day as Lee. Shelly Nyberg is in the black t-shirt and her husband is a 1st year med student.

The spoils fall from the sky

Haley is going to figure out which way the wind is blowing

Mom B, what do you think of this picture? Is there enough scenery in the background?

Here's one more...let me know if you want a different one.

Melissa Smith makes pinata's for her kids birthday and Nemo was the chosen one this year.

Haley again

Clark very happy about his spoils

Clark just had a turn and is waiting for Bronson to finish off Nemo

The boys were waiting for the party to begin

Nemo again

Haley and Shanna taking a little nap


Lois said...

I love the picture of Lee, Clark, and Cal at the pool! Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Ruth--That picture of Lee and the kids in the lounge chairs is classic!! What a cute pic!