Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Evening Everyone,

Once again, I want to thank you all for viewing my blog. I’m over 2050 visitors now, and it’s been fun for me to see the statistics on people visiting my site!

And go ahead and check out Lee's blog:

Another item of business: if you are Ginger Parker, or if you know of a Ginger Parker in eastern Tennessee, could you please tell her that there are quite of few people trying to get a hold of her since she has switched phone numbers.

I didn’t write much about our past week when I posted pictures earlier, so I’ll comment some right now.

This week was Nyberg week…almost. J We are trying to get together with more people before we move, so we invited the Nyberg’s over for FHE on Monday. I think I actually already mentioned this. Anyway, they came over and we had a good evening together. On Wednesday we went to the Nyberg’s for playgroup. And today I went over there to upload pictures because I did it at the library yesterday and was all ready to click “publish” and the library internet quit on me………

Thursday Andrea, the other student extern at the VA came and babysat for us. Thanks Andrea! Clark was so excited for his “big friend” to come over. Lee and I had a fun night together. We mainly went window shopping and then got two boxes of ice cream at Food City (one was free). Seriously, any of you living in an area with a Food City or if you visit some place that has a Food City (grocery store) you NEED to buy their Chocolate Velvet Cake premium ice cream. It is so good. We’ve had lots of ice cream and this totally rivals Ben & Jerry ice cream.

Okay, time for a random story—mentioning Ben & Jerry’s made me think of this. I had a c-section of my twin girls in the morning and my friend Ruth came and visited me that evening. She knows I really like Ben & Jerry’s so she brought me some. After a c-section you can only have liquids for 24 hours or something like that. I asked a nurse if I could have this ice cream and she said it would be alright. Well of course I ate the whole thing. Yes, their containers are kind of small, but 2 cups of Ben & Jerry’s is quite a bit of ice cream. I remember talking to Lee on the phone that night and all of the sudden a huge wave of nausea overcame me and I started breathing deeply and concentrating really hard to not throw up. I had not thrown up my whole pregnancy with the twins, nor had I thrown up during delivery, and I did not want to throw up then!

So, one more little story about me being in the hospital after giving birth to twins. With a c-section I had to have an epidural, and they kept the epidural in me for several hours after the surgery. About a day or so later, after the epidural was out, Lee was telling me a funny story and it hurt so bad to laugh! I think I even told him to not tell me anything funny for awhile because my belly hurt so bad.

Back to the present. Friday was a fairly busy day. I was good at got up at 6:30 and exercised. I have been exercising lately, but later on in the morning about 9am or so. Later that morning my friends Belinda and Michael called me and I went and looked at a house that they are interested in. I love looking at houses, and it was fun to see. It is in a cute neighborhood. Then we went to the birthday party that I mentioned below for Emerson. When we came home that afternoon I saw people at the pool and called and found out the details of when it was open, the policy on visitors, etc. After Lee came home we visited the pool.

Saturday Lee made pancakes and let me sleep in. I went to a service project at the Stake Center for a few hours too. There is a couple in the Kingsport Stake that run an orphanage in Guatemala. The service project was for the orphanage. The wards in the stake had been collecting clothes and shoes, and so in one room at the church people were sorting lots and lots of clothes. I helped out with the shoes. In the gym people were making sheets and school bags for the kids. There was a yummy lunch too and I enjoyed visiting with the ladies that I rode with. It was fun meeting a couple other ladies in the Stake, but eventually the conversation would turn to my moving in a couple of weeks. I hope they didn’t think it was too pointless to meet me!

Another interjection—I met someone at the service project and her friend had triplets for her first pregnancy; no fertilization, nothing. And at the park a few weeks ago I met someone who had twins. She told me that her sister also had twins! That is the first time I have met someone or heard of that—sisters each having twins. So, sisters…I can tease you about the possibility of having twins! (For any of you wondering, the answer is no. :) )

We had a nice Sunday and I even got a little nap. Good luck to everyone taking finals. I am so glad it’s not me! And Lee is glad he is long done with his finals at the school. We are really excited for his upcoming graduation. I slipped a note to my friend Melissa at church writing that our husbands graduate next week! Aren’t you glad you get to hear about Lee’s graduation all the time?


Roger said...

So you never finished the story..did you throw up or not??? I assume not since it ended there. Have a good graduation week!!!!!

T said...

I absolutely love FC's chocolate velvet cake ice cream! I try not to keep it in the house because I cannot seems to stop eating it once the carton is opened.