Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here are the pictures from our trip. In three weeks we will be back in Memphis again. I really can't believe it!

This is the Mississippi River. You might be able to tell that it is flooded. The trees out in the distance usually don't have water around their trunks.

We made a quick trip to the Memphis Botanic Gardens. I went their last summer with Teresa and though it was hot and sticky out, I really enjoyed it. It's free on Tuesdays and you can buy a small bag of fish food at the desk for $1. I really wanted Lee to see it--especially the gross fish!

This is the house we stayed it. It worked out great being there. Thanks Ben & Mamie!

Some pictures being with the Whitemarsh Family

Ruth & Ruth holding babies

Since Cal is recently potty-trained and a bit small for a normal toliet, we'd thought we'd take his little toliet seat on this trip with us. I put the seat in a bag and tied it up. Next thing we know Clark got the seat out of the bag, found the hook it hangs on (I didn't even know the hook was in the van!!!) and got it situated in our van. It was so gross, but we had to take a picture.

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Roger said...

Loved the last picture. Clark is just being organized like you ruth.

Have fun with all the traveling!