Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hi Everyone! Here are some pictures from our week. A nice long post will come later tonight.

Clark built this at Lowe's yesterday, Saturday

We were at the Butler's are some pictures of the event




Haley and a guest dog

Haley again

Okay, so there are a lot of Haley...she loves to smile at the camera and, well, Shanna doesn't!

Both of them

Haley foreground, Shanna background

Shanna wanting to get free


Clark, Zach Butler and Bronson Smith jumping on the tramp

Cal...moments ago he was in the cow pasture with Emerson Smith, but I didn't get out there fast enough to get a picture of them by the cows

Haley enjoying a toy

For FHE activity this past week we met at a baseball/softball field. Here is Clark with his buddies.

Lately Shanna has been waking up at 4:00 wanting a drink. That's a tad bit early for us, (especially Lee since he's the one that hears her first and gets her) so we have been putting her in the living room after we go to bed. So, to start the night off Haley and Shanna were together in Haley's port-a-crib. As you can tell from the picture, I am glad the girls have their own beds.

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