Friday, April 11, 2008

Hello Everyone,

We arrived back to eastern Tennessee VERY early Wednesday morning. (2 am).

We really enjoyed staying in a house (or you could think of it as a HUGE hotel suite) while in Memphis—thank you Winters!

We had a nice trip and Lee’s tests seemed to go fine. I will feel like school is “over” when we find out his test scores. And of course that won’t be till the middle of June. His clinical test was Sunday morning. Then Monday he had a PAM test. He had to look at 40 patient cases and answer questions about them. There were pictures and or medical histories attached as part of the problem solving process for the cases. Then on Tuesday he took his Nevada law test. He was the only test-taker in the classroom.

It was great to see and visit with many friends and we hope to see even more when we come out again in a couple weeks. Close to 2 ½ weeks left! At the end of April we’ll be moving out of our apartment, traveling to Memphis again and then the first of May heading to North Carolina to mooch off of my parents for the summer.

We enjoyed conference very much and are looking forward to reading/viewing the talks again. Saturday we watched conference at the Stake Center. The nursery there is right by the foyer. So I propped the door open and Lee and I sat on the couch and listened while the kids played in the nursery or crawled in the foyer. On Sunday we watched it at the house where we were staying. We made it there in time on Saturday so we could each sustain the Prophet. How wonderful that was!

Enjoy the pictures I posted earlier today. They are for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and one side note. The other day Shanna was kind of fussy and agitated while I was feeding her. I didn’t really think much of it. But while I was holding her over the sink to wash her face and hands, she threw up! Poor girl…but I must say, that was the best throw up experience I’ve ever had. Right in the sink. Great shot Shanna!

Okay, one more side note. Tomorrow we are canceling our “free” time-wasting internet. We signed up for a 3 month trial and the three months are about up. So we may be out of the loop for a little bit. There are several of you I need to email, and I will soon! I promise! Lee will for sure be able to get daily emails at his extern, so feel free to email. We just won’t be able to respond as quickly.


Megan and Jeremy said...

Ruth I must say how handsome and grown up Clark & Cal are looking these days! I really like Clarks hair-do to the side too.
I can't believe the girls are almost a year old!

Megan and Jeremy said...

Oh, and we got the invite to Lee's graduation-thanks for sending us one! That is so exciting he is almost done! I wish we could be there (-: