Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool’s Day!
Did anyone have any great (or annoying) April Fool's jokes played on them? He, he, he...

Well, it’s now official. I can finally write that Lee will be done with school this MONTH! His last day is the 29th of April. On Friday May 2nd he will graduate and then receive his diploma right after the ceremony. That’s right, no waiting in the mail for that glorious piece of paper.

“Wantitis” is slowly creeping in for me, and I am fighting it full-force. We need to be “students” for another few years as we get out of debt and save for a house. For example, today I was bidding on some good, used shoes for Cal on eBay. At 2 minutes and 57 seconds left of the bidding, my internet disconnects. And THEN as I reconnect the internet page freezes up so I have to open a new one. I totally missed my chance to bid and I was not happy. I could have won them for a great deal too—which is the worst part!!! I don’t know about all of you, but I get in this weird mode when the time comes to bid on something. Lee and I like to wait and bid our max bid at the last minute so if we are the highest bidder, it will be too late for the other bidder to enter in a higher amount. So, I’m already excited and nervous and jittery, and my heart rate has shot up all because I’m planning on bidding on eBay…and then this whole internet thing happens. Talk about mental and physical overload! (Examining the situation, it is kind of funny—6 hours later, after I’ve calmed down. I wonder what my great-grandma thinks. Here I am sitting down, looking at this box-like piece of plastic—a computer—and getting all worked up mentally and physically because my little box-thingy isn’t working properly. And gathering from my utter disappointment, she might have assumed that something really bad happened—that my outhouse burned down or something.)

And, for those of you contemplating hooking up AOL, DON’T DO IT. I guess I can’t complain too much, our internet connection is free, but we sure our paying with our time for “free” internet. Oh well, it has saved us a few dollars. This is where the whole “wantitis” is coming in. It would be so wonderful to have a SOLID, NORMAL and fast internet connection, plus a faster computer (not to mention other things it would be fun/great to have once our income goes up)! We will have normal internet starting the beginning of May because we’ll be living with my parents, but as for the slow computer (and our van) we hope it sees us through the next few years.


Unknown said...

Ruth I can't remember how old Cal is? If he is a size 2 I have a pair of white boys sneakers in great condition that need a home. Our boys have outgrown them. I have been trying to find someone who could use them. Let me know.
Karen Parker

Mari said...

I have to refrain from the "wantitis" frequently. That is one reason I do not mind living in Vicksburg, because there is not really good shopping so I am not tempted to buy much. I am also not a big online shopper or I could have better shopping options. I am just old fashioned and have to see things in person before I buy them. I will say though that DSL is a big thing at our house. I love being able to use the internet quickly.