Monday, February 25, 2008

Lots of pictures for you!

Feb 22 at the Ward Lip Sync--Here are Clark's buddies:
Zach Butler is in the black and green stripped shirt
Zach Benson is in the blue shirt
Bronson Smith is in the green shirt
Clark is in the blue shirt with an orange ringer
They were doing the hokey pokey and for a little bit Clark was the only
one dancing. It was pretty cute seeing him move!

Feb 22 Zach Benson, Bronson Smith & Clark

Camden Smith, Zach Butler, Bronson Smith, Clark & Zach Benson

Feb 24--last night, Shanna

Feb 24--we have bandages that have Curious George on them so now when the boys get an "owie" they want a "monkey". "Monkey, mommy! Monkey!"

Clark showing off a hot rod....I have no clue where we got it. If it's yours, please let me know!

Feb 24 C lark, Haly & Shanna

Haley Rae

Beautiful palm trees at the Beautiful Columbia, South Carolina Temple Feb 23

Shanna & Haley while we are waiting for Dad Feb 24

Shanna & Haley again


The boys and Shanna

Haley & Shanna waiting for Mom Feb 23

The girls enjoying the great weather! Low 70's on Saturday

Well, you get the picture......

This is the playground behind the temple

The girl standing up with the pink boa is Savannah Hubbard. She holds one of the girls every Sunday in Sacrament meeting, and it's a BIG help!!!

Back to the temple.....

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sheldon bartholomew said...

shanna looks like winnie the pooh