Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I just love when your own kids can communicate with you. It's quite enjoyable, and makes being at home lots more fun.

Recently when Lee or I have left to go some where Clark will tell us: "Don't get lost!" Tonight, like I mentioned earlier, I was at the library. Clark walked me to the exit. He told me "Don't get lost!" Then he closed the door. I was watching him because I wanted to make sure he got back into the apartment okay. One second later he opened the door and said: "I love you!" Makes you want 20 kids!

This morning Clark and I were once again talking about going to Paul's house this summer. He is very excited about it and has been talking about it for a few weeks now. (I think I mentioned that one too early.) Since he knows it's a long time away before we go to Paul's house, he now tells us that "someday" we are going to Paul's house. Well today I thought I throw in a new twist to this same conversation, and told him we are going to Jon's house this summer too!

He was telling me how Paul & Jon have COOL! toys. But Becca doesn't have COOL! toys. She doesn't? Clark informed me: "Becca has beautiful toys." :)

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