Saturday, February 16, 2008

The boys are having fun playing with their cars. Four of them I got on clearance for a great deal, and then got each of the boys the Lightening McQueen race car.

A view of the dance last night

Lee & I at the Big Band Dance

The Band. They were great!

We went to a big band dance last night at the Stake Center. It was really fun. Andrea, another student at Lee's VA extern came and babysat for us. THANKS! We haven't been on an official date since my birthday, (end of December) so it's been awhile. The food was YUMMY! We loved dancing to a live band. We wish we could have remembered those fun dance moves we learned in college. We missed having you there Megan Shakespear! It was also fun to get in the van and not have to buckle in four kids. :) Just ourselves. Thanks Lee!

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Daniel said...

The Band looks awesome!

I like the cars.