Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year Day!

It's quite an unusual, famous, ordinary day, isn't it?!

We did our usual shopping trip to Walmart today. I got off a lot later than planned, but Shanna was sleeping and Haley was being her normal great self, so I took advantage of that and folded and put away some laundry.

Today for the cookie club at Walmart we got a 3-leaf clover sugar cookie with green sprinkles, dipped in chocolate on the bottom. I saw a lady and her son in the bakery area so I told her about the cookie club. She seemed pleased that I informed her of this secret. Thanks Deb for telling me about it!

The lady who was manning the cash register met the dad or the grandpa of the first baby born today on Leap Day! It may just be for this hospital in the area, or for the whole US. I have no idea. But apparently the guy was in a rush to get back to the hospital because the newspaper was going to do an interview or something of the sort.

For this fine Leap Year Day I have a wonderful quote I want to share with you. I see it a lot, but have never written about it in my blog. It's on a Hotel's sign thing.

It reads:

Give a bit of your Heart
Rather than a piece of your Mind

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