Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The girls were being cute, like always playing by my feet while I was talking on the phone and updating my photos.

Sweet girls!

They're so sweet!

One more before we sign off. And yes, Shanna does have a boy bib on. But with four kids, you can imagine that we go through them fast! And if you can't, well, we go through bibs fast!

We had the Smith Family over for FHE last night. The lesson was centered on the story of David & Goliath. I painted this Goliath on the craft paper I had leftover from Lee's Valentine Day sign. Not too shabby, but he is stout looking for being over 9 feet tall. I made him almost exactly 9 feet tall though.

They threw socks at his head and then tore him off the wall. It was pretty funny.....maybe a little too violent, but they'll learn the story better, right?

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Roger said...

Thats cool that you made the poster....remember doing that with ping pong balls? Have a great week.