Monday, March 4, 2013

Valentine Date

For our Valentine's date Lee surprised me by taking me to a high school production of Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Lee and I enjoy going to plays and concerts.  We just haven't gone to these types of events for awhile! Can't wait to go to more too. Anyway, I grew up watching the movie with Julie Andrews and had always liked it.  Though be forewarned, I haven't watched that movie in years, and recently one of my sisters told me that it actually isn't a movie I would like to watch now.  So as an adult, I am not going to watch it (I am pretty picky with movies), and am not recommending anyone watching it either.  Kind of funny how when you're a kid you miss stuff (which is a good thing).  Like E.T. for example.  I remember watching it when I was little and thought it was fun.  Then when Lee and I watched it back in 2004, we had to turn it off.  There was so much swearing!  I'll stop beating the point to death. On to the play....

WOW.  The play was amazing!  SO incredibly good.  The high schoolers were fantastic.  The sound and lighting and costumes and singing and acting were amazing.  One young woman from our ward was in this play, and did such a great job. I guess the high school musicals around here are normally fantastic.  We will have to go to our local high school's play next year and check out some other ones!  Thanks Lee!  It was perfect!  The play ended around 10:30 and we didn't tell our babysitter what time we were going to be home AND we were 30 minutes away.  We decided to just head home, first stopping to get frostys.  No matter how the movie is, the play version that the high schoolers performed I DO recommend.  It was very fun.  And I enjoyed hearing a couple of songs that I recognized from the movie in the play. 


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