Sunday, March 24, 2013

A little of this, a little of that

Life is ticking along and the house buying process seems to be dragging along.  One whole week passed will basically nothing happening.  Our paperwork for the loan went to processing and the seller's realtor was notified about setting up a house appraisal.  I have a hard time being patient sometimes and was frustrated when Friday rolled around.  We did get some good news Friday night though.  Apparently the sellers are going to fix everything we asked them to fix!  There was a truck at the house yesterday.  The guy/gal was checking out either electrical or plumbing problems.  One of the sellers is actually an acquaintance.  He knows we need to move and is trying to expedite the repairs.   Hopefully the house appraisal will be done this week. Sadly we won't be able to close the 28th or 29th. We are hoping for the first week in April now.  Even though this hasn't been a great experience, I am very grateful we are able to buy a house.  Funny enough, I am excited for this to all to be over and to just pay an escrow/mortgage payment once a month. Side story....a couple of days ago I was talking to Clark about a mortgage.  I loved his shocked response: "You're borrowing money?!"

The three youngest are into "tents" and have been for the last long while.  They were very creative one night a few days ago.....
March 19 2013

Our friends brought Elden a birthday present (and gave a game to the kids!).  He got the yellow backhoe.  He has loved playing with it! 
March 20 2013 Elden

He LOVES being outside.  Wish it would warm up a little more.....
March 20 2013 Elden (2)

A book fair has been happening at the school.  Lee took the kids Thursday morning to the bookfair before school to pick something out.  We were just going to send money with each of them, but Lee had a great idea--we should take them ourselves and we spend the money on the book of choice instead of our kids buying their own items like creative erasers or other little trinkets.  Anyway, Cal got a book of Star Wars paper airplanes that you cut out.  Cal loves intricate things.  He has made a few of the airplanes already.  Clark, Cal and Haley were outside yesterday flying three of his airplanes.  Haley left the picture....
March 23 2013 Clark Cal Elden

We are not big DIY people, but Lee went to town yesterday on this bike for Elden.  Before.....
March 23 2013 Elden

After.....The grips and seat need to be changed out...we'll see if we do ha ha.  Lee spray painted the frame and the rims.  And of course the chain is back on.  Elden is SO excited to have a bike.  Now we need to buy bigger bikes for the girls sometime this spring. I love that Lee knows all about bikes and can fix them and all. Lee even did tune-ups on all the kids' bikes yesterday too.  Funny enough, when the local ACE Hardware was deciding to carry bike products or not, they talked about who around here would buy those particular products.  Well, our name came up!  You probably already know but we like to ride around town on our bikes.  Lee bought new black tires and bike tubes at ACE yesterday.  We love ACE Hardware.  And ours is even closed on Sunday! 
March 23 2013 Elden (2)

March 23 2013 Elden (3)

Elden had this outfit on yesterday morning...pretty funny.  Cal had a yellow glove on because he was "bathroom" yesterday.  He and Clark rotate each Saturday cleaning the bathroom that is in their room.  Hopefully he hadn't cleaned the toilet yet.....hence the yellow glove (I don't like toilet brushes so they use a glove and a rag).
March 23 2013 Elden Cal

Have a great week!  We are looking forward to Easter weekend and spring break!

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BWei said...

Nice job on the bike! It's fun getting glimpses into what's going on with your family. I am excited for your upcoming move...awesome.