Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We didn't do a whole lot this past weekend. It worked out that Lee had Saturday off, which is a rare treat for us! He did the lovely task of helping the kids do their "jobs".  That afternoon while Cal was at a friend's house we went to a local car show and parade.  There were some great cars there.


I wouldn't mind owning this white car someday!

Nathan, you should buy one of these someday!  

This is for you Andy!

We were at the very beginning of the parade so people threw our kids lots of candy.  It would be fun to have Lee be involved in this parade next year.  
Saturday night Haley had a fever.  She has strep throat again...out of the blue...just like last time.  In December Lee and I became slightly uncomfortable, as if we were going to be sick. Our throats felt a little scratchy, our heads hurt a little.  But then after two days we were completely fine.  Then a couple days later Haley got a fever and sore throat.  No one else got sick--thankfully.  Same thing happened again.  A few days ago Lee and I weren't necessarily sick, but we weren't feeling 100%. But a couple days later we both felt fine.  And of course, a few days later Haley got a fever.  I wonder if she is a carrier for strep and her immune system was weakened just right that the strep flared.  Just a guess.  She started on medicine this afternoon so we're good to go...and praying that none of the other kids get sick, just like last time.

Memorial Day a couple of our friends invited us over for the afternoon and evening.  We of course didn't go because of Haley.  It was so sweet of them to think of us and I appreciate their kindness.  We just hung out at home.  Lee did some yard stuff and I tackled a HUGE pile of mending that I'd been putting off for weeks. Our bedroom is finally back to "normal". It never will be a normal bedroom till we move into a bigger house, but it functions really well at present. For a regular bedroom, it holds quite a bit!

I want to start doing something on Memorial Day--go to a Memorial Day Service or go to DC--something!  My cousin Chris has been posting on his blog about our great-grandfather and his involvement in the military. Though he didn't die while in service, and it has nothing to do with Memorial Day, it's been so fun and interesting to read about lately. Here is a great post Chris did at his blog Hotel Geek.

 But the big thing that did happen yesterday: my parents entered the MTC!  They just started their 18-month mission. They will be in the Missionary Training Center for a few days and then head to Texas.  My parents both served Spanish speaking missions when they were young, but never went to the MTC.  "Back then" it was the language training center (right Mom?) up in Salt Lake City.  And they didn't wear name tags either.  This time around they get to go to the MTC and wear name tags!  I love that my sister dropped off our parents at the MTC. What a cool experience.  Thanks for sharing Steph!  She said that when my parents arrived there was a welcoming committee of other young missionaries who carried my parents luggage to their room for them.  Isn't that so sweet?  I am sure they were asked to do it, but it's still cool.  We are so proud of you Dad and Mom!  Already they ran into a friend from Minnesota, Haley Bennett, my dad's cousin, and someone else...can't remember.  I am excited for when Lee and I go on missions!


SeƱora H-B said...

I'm so excited for your parents!

jeni said...

I was a carrier of strep when I was young. EVERYONE in my family kept getting sick except me. Strep just kept going round and round until finally the DR got the idea to test me. I was positive and had been carrying it the whole time and never had a symptom. Funny thing, after that.....I can't even tell you the number of times I had strep and ended up having my tonsils and adenoids taken out as teenager.

Melissa S. said...

The BEST thing a husband can do on Saturday for the wife is over-seeing all the chores!!!! I HATE nagging and making sure it's done right. :)

Dean and Elaine said...

We are so excited for your parents! It will be fun to follow their mission through your blog. It will be interesting to see what they end up doing.

Sarah and Todd said...

I have gotten so behind on blogging and reading blogs- I had to go way back on yours, but it was so fun! Just wanted to say how much I love your blog :)