Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shanna and Haley's Birthday

A couple of weeks ago Shanna and Haley turned 5!  That morning after breakfast Shanna said, "Do I get to go to school now?"  And she meant that morning. The girls are very excited to go to school. 

That morning we had a fun breakfast (well for some reason the kids didn't really like it!) and the girls opened a few presents. 

Right after Christmas I found some necklaces that I bought the girls.  One was a bear and the other an elephant.  They both have fake diamonds on them--the girls love their necklaces! 

The stuffed animals are from IKEA. We bought them for Christmas and forgot all about them!

The next day we babysat the cute twin boys again.  She LOVED it.  Here she is getting experience for possible twins of her own someday

Two days after their birthday Lois and family came up for a couple of days to celebrate the girls' birthday.  We went to the park that morning and invited a few friends to join us for cupcakes. Here are the cousins, just over a month apart in age.

We finally made the cakes and had a party with Lois and her family.

Shanna wanted a Dora cake again.  Lee made one a couple years ago.  This Dora had some chin/neck problems, but Shanna loved it!

Haley wanted a lady bug cake again too.

Elden blew out the candles before Shanna did! We re-lit them.

Lois found these cute cars for the girls.  Thanks Lois!  

They loved the birthday cards they got from the grandparents too. Thanks!

They got a couple of Barbies for their birthday.  I need to alter two of the dresses.  The other barbies are fairies or something, so we might color in sleeves on their body with a marker or pretend they are swimsuits.We'll probably go with the swimsuit idea...

They had a fun birthday!

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