Saturday, May 19, 2012

Children's Museum

The first Friday of every month the Children's Museum here is free. Since Lois and Jeff were down for the girls' birthdays AND Lois and I needed to go to Sharp Shopper, we decided to head in Harrisonburg. The museum is fairly small, but the interactive displays are wonderful! A couple of my favorites: the full-sized, fully equipped kid kitchen, and the "farmers" market stand loaded with assorted plastic fruits and veggies.


After the museum the dads took the kids to the park and Lois and I went to Sharp Shopper.  Lois bought a bunch of yogurt for her and her friend.  I LOVE the yogurt prices at Sharp Shopper!  You can almost always get four for $0.50 too.  I was there just last night and they had the Aldi brand of Triscuit crackers, three for $0.99!  I like that sometimes a dollar can get you a few things!  The night Lois and I went, and again last week, they had Tropicana 100% grapefruit juice for $0.99.  YUM!  Lois, Lee and I really like the stuff.  And it's great because the kids don't care for it.  It makes it last a little longer, ha ha.

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