Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weekend after Easter

The week after Lena and Mike left was pretty busy for me.  It seems like we've been busy a lot lately!  I am SO excited for summer break!  Anyway, that week was our Relief Society activity.  We had a class on personal revelation/patriarchal blessings--taught by our Stake Patriarch, a canning/freezing food class, and a personal scripture study glass.  They went well! For refreshments we had homemade bread and jam.  There was going to be a gardening class too, but after asking three people, the fourth saying yes and then calling in because he wasn't feeling well the afternoon of the activity...well, I decided the gardening class was not meant to be. (Or I was just done asking people....)

A few days later I helped out a little with a kindergarten orientation. The girls were able to eat at the school and meet the kindergarten teachers.  They really enjoyed it. It's pretty official that I am going to split them up and have them go to separate classes this Fall. I am sad my girls are going off to school.  (At least it's not college!) 

Now on to the title of my post...the weekend AFTER Easter.  So that weekend Lee went out of town (flew to Salt Lake, drove to Elko, Nevada) and I thought why should I spend 4 days by myself?  I went to Lois' and hung out with her. Lena and Mike were also in the DC area and we met up with them three of those days. I just have to mention that after I took Lee to the airport, Lois let me sleep.  She told me to just go lie down and not worry about my kids.  It was very kind of her!  I felt like a little girl whose mom was taking care of her. Lois and Jeff were also amazingly kind in helping me with Elden.  A day before our trip, Elden decided to have a power battle with the toilet.  Mainly, he wouldn't go to the bathroom with me.  He would with Lois and Jeff.  Jeff even took him to a that is showing love to a little nephew! I think the main thing that worked in the end was Lois giving him some Lighting McQueen underwear (and me not pestering him about going to the bathroom).

Anyway, our first outing was to Potomac Canal and Great Falls in Maryland.  I guess the canal was a popular weekend destination for DC-ites back in the day.  There was a movie theater and hotel out there too.

The Great Falls.  We enjoyed a fun hike along a great path to the falls.

The next day we headed out to the 1771 Colonial Farm.  Volunteers pretend to live on the farm, dressing and living the way people supposedly did back in 1771.  It was suggested as visitors that we too jump back in time by lending a hand with the work and even use the long-ago saying "prime" instead of "cool".

Ever "picked rock"?  Maybe not unless you're from a Midwest farming community.  Anyway, our kids joined in to pick rocks out of the field.  I will say, picking rocks is better than corn de-tasseling.  

Root Cellar

After stopping at a park for lunch, we went to the Virginia side of the Great Falls.  Our pass was good for a few days, so why not use it again?!

See the group of people in the center of the photo? (You can clink on the photo to enlarge.) That is the Maryland lookout for the Great Falls.  We were there the previous day. I do like the Maryland side better for the falls.

 Thanks Lena for treating us to the 1771 farm, and everyone for all the food and fun that weekend! We all went to church together Sunday, and afterwards Lois and Jeff fixed a yummy Sunday dinner.  We had a fun time visiting before Lena and co left for home. Though we 10 siblings are far away from each other we enjoy visiting each other at least once a year.  Well, except for Roger in my family's case.  We do love you.  Oregon is just kind of far away. Sadly.

While I was hanging out with the kids and Lois, Lee was off playing in Nevada.  It was his dad's 80th birthday.  His sister Lynn put together a great birthday party.  Lee wasn't going to go (because of money), but a week before the party, Lynn called to remind me to send her a memory page of Dad. After I got off the phone with her I decided that it would be sad if Lee didn't go.The funds were available, so Lee went for it.  He didn't tell anyone and had fun with the surprise visit. I enjoyed hearing all the great stories from the weekend. Thanks Lynn and Marv for letting Lee stay at your place!

Lee enjoyed lots of yummy food and visiting.  And of course he loved that he didn't have the normal (albeit good) distractions of the kids.

He still has his Army socks!

Thanks Lynn and Marv!  It sounded like a wonderful birthday celebration for Dad.

Five of the siblings (there are seven) with their great parents.  Happy 80th Dad! (See, there is some height in Lee's family...just not with Lee...) And Lee I am just noticing that your hand is in your pocket. Guess the Army ways don't last long, huh?

Some of the group went for a drive...somewhere in Nevada.  Can't remember.

That Monday evening Lee flew into Dulles and I picked him up on the way home.  We had a fun talk the whole way back home.  I'm really glad he was able to go AND I'm really glad I have a sister close by to spend the weekend with!

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