Thursday, May 24, 2012

12 Patients!

Last Friday Lee met a goal he's had ever since we moved see 10 patients in a day.  There is a Pizza Hut here is town and Clark had asked a few times to eat there.  We rarely go out to eat and the last time we went out to eat as a family was in 2010! We came up with the goal that once dad saw 10 patients in one day we would go out to eat and get pizza.  But I switched the place and got the kids excited about the local pizza place.  Friday afternoon I told the boys that dad met his goal.  It was so cute because Clark and Cal gave me BIG hugs--they were so excited!

Saturday morning the kids do "jobs" that they get paid for. Lately Shanna has been wanting to scrub out the toilet for me.  I don't mind one bit!

That evening we went out to eat at Ciro's! 
And we took a ridiculous amount of pictures, as always.

I haven't been shopping for clothes for myself in over a year...unless you count a few finds at the local thrift store.  Musselmans applesauce had a promotion going where if you sent in so many UPC codes, they would send you a gift card.  My kids love applesauce and that happened to be the brand that I bought.  I was able to get a few Old Navy gift cards.  Several days ago I was at Old Navy and checked out the girls' section...which yes, I do that from time to time!  Well, they had t-shirts there for $4 each!  I tried one on and it fit great.  Plus I got 10% off on top of that.  Anyway...this brown shirt is my "girl" Old Navy find.  

Lee took this. I had to include it!  It reminds me of your orange picture Lee.  

We all really like San Pellegrino Limonata around here. The kids loved having their very own bottle.  Of course they had fun doing "cheers" over and over. 

Lee's ad on the placemats at Ciro's.
For eating out so rarely, the kids were great.  We were stuffed when we left and headed over to the park afterwards.  It was a fun evening.  Great job Dr. Robertson!

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Risa Stumm said...

So fun!!!! A night out with the fam. is one of the best ways I know to spend an evening! Congrats on reaching TWELVE PATIENTS in a day!!