Saturday, March 29, 2008

We took some pictures of the kids, aren't you surprised, and of course, here they are!



Haley & Sienna

Haley & Shanna

Haley standing!

Haley again

Shanna has stood on her own too, but when we tried to get a picture of her last night, she wanted to walk, not stand still.

Haley & Nemo

Best Friends

The girls at our weekly shopping trip yesterday

Them again, AREN'T THEY SO CUTE?!!!!!!

Playing around


Shanna, Haley & Clark at the dishwasher

Haley giving a cute/silly grin


One more...

Clark and his sisters

The girls

I got Clark a cheap bubble blower in the Easter clearance section. He was so excited to use it!

Like I mentioned earlier, every time Cal gets an owie--which is very often--he says in a sad voice: "I need a monkey!" We had Curious George adhesive bandages, so that's where Cal got the, "I need a monkey!" thing. It's so cute. Since we ran out, you can see my attempt at a monkey on this bandage.

Clark again
Chasing Cal

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