Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good evening everyone. It’s 10:32 and Lee and I just finished eating some fresh cinnamon rolls. You all should really come and visit! (Unless you’re on a strict diet, then it might not be to your advantage.)

I was tagged awhile back, and since I’m “it”, I think I’m finally ready to play the game. I thought I would share seven interesting facts about myself. Since we mainly write about normal, everyday things, hopefully this will be a little treat.

Did You Know that I’ve eaten a 1 pound burger in 1 sitting? For all of you going to BYU-Idaho, or who are currently there, you need to go to Big Judd’s. They have HUGE hamburgers—literally the size of a dinner plate. Yes, I felt kind of sick afterwards. One of my “Family Home Evening” brother’s ate a 2 pounder, but on the way home he wasn’t able to hold it down.

Did You Know that I am published? In middle school my class was asked to finish the sentence: “If I were President…” I wrote how if I was the President we wouldn’t have an inauguration ball because it is a waste of money. Considering the looming elections, I bet a lot of us could come up with multiple endings to “If I were President…”

Did You Know that I’ve been skydiving? I think most of you do know this actually, but it’s quite fun to share nonetheless. After graduation from high school two of my friends came skydiving with me at Hutchinson Skydive—I am pretty sure that is the name. I did a tandem jump, meaning an instructor was hooked onto my back. The coolest thing about it was the free fall. Just falling, and falling for several seconds in the sky was amazing. I highly recommend skydiving. It would be fun to do again.

Did You Know that Lee and I have some weird things in common? I’ll give one example here. My favorite number is 7; Lee’s favorite, 13. Counting the numbers in our first names combined comes to 7 letters. Counting the letters in our middle names combined comes to 13. That’s how I knew we were supposed to get married. Freaky huh? I bet you won’t be able to sleep tonight!

Did You Know that I saw Lee on my mission? Yes, Pres & Sister Christensen, I’m spilling the beans. He was on break from BYU because of the 2002 Winter Olympics. I actually served in the area where Lee’s dad is from. They came down to Los Angeles and surrounding areas for a trip. I had no idea that he was coming. (I promise!) My second hija (sisters we trained we called hija’s because we were Spanish-sister-wanna-be’s. Just kidding, we weren’t, but we did call them hija’s.) anyway, she wanted to give a brother and a sister a tour around the outside of the Los Angeles Temple. Since she was going outside, she needed someone to accompany her. Well, I didn’t really want to go, but being the good mama that I was J I went. At the end of the tour we were standing by a statue and, yep, you guessed it, Lee and his parents pulled up in their van (which Lee and I now own—the famous stolen van.) We said hi, shook hands and exchanged some chit chat. When we got inside I told my hija to promise to never tell anyone who I had just seen.

Did You Know that I can tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth by using only my tongue? Yep, it’s true. I demonstrated this highly-sought-after talent over Christmas break when we went out to eat at a burger joint.

Did you Know that I have cat-like reflexes? Some of you man not want to read this because you’ll be jealous. The Mid-South and South have cockroaches. You can’t get around the fact. We had our share of cockroaches in Memphis. They didn’t live in our apartment, just all around. And when there are so many little openings everywhere, it’s hard to completely avoid them. So picture this: it’s about 5 am. You’re sleeping soundly. In a nanosecond you are awakened from your deep sleep by the sensation of something crawling on your arm. And since you are so quick and nimble (and let’s not forget that you just BARELY woke up) you reach over and grab a cockroach crawling on you. You clutch it in your hand and flush it down the toilet. AND since you are actually ULTRA quick and nimble, you get to repeat the same thing a couple months later! What a lucky duck you are. (You may have even gotten a 3rd chance, but since you have 2 little boys and 2 baby girls, your memory is partially shot.)

Well, I hope these 7 facts gave you some recompense for not being able to eat cinnamon rolls with us.

I now have the honor of tagging seven other people: Lee, Sheldon, Nathan, Jeanne, Megan, Daniel, and Ruth. I look forward to your upcoming posts!

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