Tuesday, March 18, 2008


So I've been messing with my blog, and I lost some important information......all of your blog links! If you could please send them to me, I would appreciate it!!


Daniel said...


I'm really surprised that you don't have it memorized. :-P

Sandra said...


beautifuldey said...

Too bad you lost all of your info. Did you know you can save/download a copy of your blog before you start making any changes so this won't happen again?

Also, thanks for the Dave Ramsey info...I've been thinking about those types of things lately and am definately going to go to the library and check out his book!

Josh n Betsie said...

darn i hate it when things get lost when you are trying to make things look cute. www.clansayers.blogspot.com

The Letterman's said...

Hermana how are you can't believe you've got 4 little ones, how lucky!
It's been forever since I heard Mana, oh the memories. Love your thought about why a few weeks before conf they sent out a letter, hadn't thought of it that way hmmm, you've convinced me to start listening to Dave, I've checked out his website a few times but . . . if you don't mind my asking - how are you following all his steps. I'm guessing you've got a limited income since you're still in school and you're stay at home? I recently was able to stop working after Sophie was born so now we're living on one very small income and I'm stressed about how to actually be saving etc when the income just covers our basics? Love any advice!
"Hermana Linde"