Monday, March 3, 2008

Today was a fantastic day! The weather was in the mid 60's and the boys spent the bulk of the day outside. Even the girls enjoyed it too. Some pictures follow.

On Friday before our weekly shopping trip Clark told me that he wanted to buy some toys. I asked him if he had any money. He replied: "Yes."
"Where?" I questioned.
Clark said quite knowingly, "In your pocket."

Clark has been a bit envious I think of Cal's sticker chart in the bathroom. (Cal gets a sticker everytime he goes potty.) So, I finally made Clark one and got him some stickers. He gets a sticker when he does something extra good or completes a job. On Saturday he was sitting at the table, and looking bored said: "Mom, I need a job." :) It was so cute. He must really want to put some stickers up! Well, and he knows he gets a little reward at the end too, once the chart is full.

We are doing well. Hope all of you all are too!!

Cal loves showing off any vehicle he is holding in his hand.

Yum! Wet wipes in a bag. You can beat em'!

Here's our Shanna Bear!

And Haley Rae

Yeah, she can smile!

Cal smiling while the sun is in his face

What did I tell you?

Zach, Bronson & Clark

Clark and his buddies

Here's the gang!

Haley on Sunday with a straw

My sexy husband making Sunday dinner

Clark giving his well-learned "Cheese!"

Shanna & Clark on Sunday...hopefully the girls wait till June to start walking.

Shanna, Clark, Haley & straw

Okay, one more for proof

A normal Sunday---they LOVE daddy!

Haley showing off her skills too

I don't know if this video fully loaded or not, but it was of Haley pulling Shanna's pacifier out of her mouth. She kept doing it, so I got the camera hoping she would do it again. And she did!

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