Monday, March 24, 2008

Hi everybody! Happy Easter! And for anyone else (and Kelly) Happy Easter Monday in Canada!

We took a bunch of pictures this weekend and they are out of order, but I am not going to spend the time to put them in the right order (I am at the library right now with all four kids). My parents came Friday night and left Sunday morning. We took lots of pictures of our busy Saturday.

We went to the Tipton Haynes Historical place Sat. afternoon. Clark loved the tractor.

Sheldon & Shanna. I need Sheldon around more often. He helped out a lot with the babies!

Sheldon & Shanna coming out of a cave some early explorers stayed in

Sheldon and Lee and Clark and others at the hog house...I can't remember the real name, but it's like a pig pen, where they kept the pigs way back when.

Sheldon tired from all of the Easter egg hunts

The first Easter egg hunt of the day at a Baptist church. There were so many kids there that the eggs were gone in about 3 minutes.

Lee & Haley coming out of the cave

This is where Lee is currently doing eye exams M-F

Lee Ruth Haley inside the old barn at the Tipton Haynes place

Grandma and Grandpa B visited us on Saturday! Here they are with Shanna at the first Easter egg hunt.

We went to the Mountain Home cemetery. If you are ever downcast about our economy or the pending presidential elections, go to a veteran's cemetery. It's very humbling to think about those men and women who sacrificed their lives that we might live in this spectacular country!

Clark on the little hill....the cave is down below on the right

Clark on the prowl at the 2nd Easter egg hunt at our church

Clark, Zach & Kenzie Butler enjoying their spoils from the 2nd hunt

Grandpa B inside the cave at Tipton Haynes

Clark and Cal waiting for the 1st hunt to begin

Here they are again!

Clark and Cal entering the cave

Clark and Cal by the stream

Clark posing at the entrance

Cal at the 2nd hunt

Cal, Lee and Haley on the bridge at Tipton Haynes

Clark again at the 2nd hunt

Clark loved the tractor, like I wrote earlier

Ruth and Haley and Shanna after church yesterday

Ruth and the girls again

Cal and Clark were so excited for the 1st easter egg that I told them to hug each other for a picture and they willingly complied

Cal showing us his egg he found on the should have seen us parents, we were more into it than the kids--telling them to run fast and grab as many eggs as they could; it was funny.

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