Sunday, July 28, 2019

Clark is 16!

You might think this has to be the last trip of the summer, but nope.  There is more to come!  I love summer.  I love traveling.  I love seeing family.  That keeps us on the go a lot! We kept busy the whole summer and had fun celebrating Clark's 16th birthday!

Before the birthday stuff.....Cal managed to squeeze in his Eagle Board of Review between all the craziness and his poison ivy bout.  But he did it!  He is now an Eagle Scout!

Cal and Lee with Len Aamodt.  Len has been such a great asset and help to us with our boys receiving their eagles.  He loves scouting and is so willing to help, and very knowledgeable! 

We went to Cook Out to celebrate.  We loved the "Its our Pleasure to Serve You? CAL"

Haley still having fun in the kitchen and coloring frosting!  I heard her say recently that she has the buttercream frosting recipe memorized.  Ha ha, love it!

One weekend Lois went up to look for housing since they moved closer to where Jeff's residency will be, and we hung out with her boys.

Actually some of these pictures might be from when we were on Trek.  Either way, fun cousin times in the summer!

Cub Scout hike

We took a trip over to West Virginia so Shanna could see her new best friend from Young Women's camp-Courtlyn.  Funny enough we found out that Kinzley, one of trek daughters, is Courtlyn's sister!  It's a cute pool in Franklin.

We helped out one morning at the Blessed Sacrament church in Harrisonburg.  They have a lunch every Thursday for whomever wants to come.  Usually those who are homeless or struggling financially come in.  Our ward provided the lunch this particular Thursday.  We will do this again in December.

I was hoping the kids could help me, but they didn't allow them out in the dining hall because of some of the people that come in. So Shanna, Haley and Elden hung out in the back stairwell right by the kitchen.

We have a fun summer reading program here with lots of treats and incentives!  Like free ice cream!

This ice cream place, Smiley's, is located on a dairy farm. The kids like to go see the animals after.  If you go at the right time you can watch the milking as well.

Oh, and Clark, Cal and Reed were at scout camp this whole time.

We went to Family Night at Camp Shenandoah.  Their last scout camp.  Kind of sad.

Reed started the stuff of Legends.  One day at lunch Reed told Cal a made up story.  Part of it was this guy saying "Hey kid, want to share a Nesquick?"  Well, that phrase caught on and spread through camp.  Cal shared it whenever he could.  He had fun playing Yahtzee as well with his homemade dice.  He and Reed even played it in the middle of the road during a 5k run.  Yep, they finished last. 

We had fun seeing the family program.

I think the boys enjoyed scout camp.  Cal was the senior patrol leader and Clark got to help also.

As soon as scout camp was over we hit the road and went skiing for Clark's birthday at Smith Mountain Lake. The Petersons and Brandon Mantell joined us.  I need to find some pictures of Clark blowing out his candles!  Not sure where those are....  But the big 16!  Such a fun birthday.  He will get to drive this fall, which is soooo exciting.  We love you Clark!

Cal playing Yahtzee with Christian.

We also rented a jet ski which was amazing and crazy!  I didn't bring my phone with me, so not many photos...

Happy birthday Clark!!!

Before we left the marina we had cupcakes and then later at a park we sang Happy Birthday to Clark and he blew out candles and opened presents.  For dinner we ate a Five Guys.  We were worn out, but it was a great day.  Happy Birthday Clark!  16 will be a great year for you.

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