Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Antelope Canyon and Zion National Park

Right before we left for our Utah/Nevada trip, my phone weirdly went blank.  I hadn't dropped it or anything.  Okay, well I'd dropped it prior to that just here or there. But that day it was just sitting on a counter or something.  I took it with me to listen to a podcast on the way to a baby shower and it was black!  Ugh.  I have bad phone luck. I was able to get a few pictures with the kid phone.  Some random photos from visiting my Aunt Anna Lee and Uncle Lee and hanging out in Provo and shooting up Hobble Creek Canyon.

I drove out West with the kids (as you can tell from the above pictures!) and we met up with Lee in Las Vegas.  We drove to New Mexico to go to Antelope Canyon.  We had plenty of time so hung out in a parking lot, ate breakfast then eventually headed over to the canyon.  We did the Lower Antelope Canyon tour.

It was very pretty!  The land is on an Indian Reservation and they charge for tours.  I tried to figure out who owned what because the tour guide shared conflicting information.  She said one guy owned the land, but then two other guys had some dealings there as well.  I don't know, I was confused.  And she didn't clarify for me when I asked.

 But, wow!  So beautiful in there!

They enjoyed finding critters.

We happened upon an Ookki Nookki frog! Wow!

We really enjoyed the tour, which was about an hour.

After the tour we went back to the town, had lunch, stocked up on some food and headed to Zion National Park.  Cal and Elden had a little fun at the skateboard park.

At Zion's we went on a little hike to an overlook.  Originally the plan was to be at Zion's for a couple days.  But we changed the plans and just had a couple hours there.

The overlook.  Wish I could remember which hike we went on!

The kids were throwing water, which we weren't happy about, being in a dessert and all.  But then noticed that it looked pretty cool. We had to document it.

We drove through the tunnel.

That evening we ended up in Cannonville and Henrieville.  Deb had gone to church in Henrieville and met our mom's cousin, Guy.  Guy offered his house for Deb and her family to stay in, but they were already camping.  When we decided to meet up for the Hackberry hike, I asked Guy out of the blue on a text if we could stay at his house (we didn't have a tent with us).  He was so sweet and let us!  He has no clue who I am, just that I'm Lois' daughter.  But before we stayed there, Clark flew his drone for a little bit and then we went to the hotel Guy used to own, and sat in the seating at the convenience store area.  There he told us stories about his grandpa (my great grandpa) his dad and my grandpa who were half-brothers.

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