Monday, July 8, 2019

Moab & Arches

We had a wonderful visit in Ely, and headed back out on the road early the next day.  First stop, the Payson Temple to do baptisms.

I think Elden and I started a new tradition...finding the cornerstone at the temples.

Breakfast in the parking lot!

After the temple we hit up our last hurrah for the family vacation--Moab and Arches.  First we hung out in Moab and the outskirts with two UTV rentals.  It was so fun and so freaky.  The guy told us about some trails but I didn't think I would be up for it.  We drove on the road for awhile and it was kind of boring.  So we hit up the trail Fins & Things.  It was so fun!

Clark enjoyed driving for a little bit as well.

Desert beauty.

We were able to get a suite room that slept all of us.  We had random food, and our kids love when we occasionally get ramen for on the go. 

The pool is always fun on vacation!

That night Lee, Cal and Elden and I walked around downtown Moab.  Such a cute town. We liked the Uranium Offices.  Once Cal wrote on a permission slip to go on a field trip that he was allergic to uranium and poison ivy.

Well, hello Dorothy!  And you haven't left Kansas yet!

Ugh, I'm not sure why some of these photos are blurry.  They aren't blurry on my computer.  The next morning we went to Arches for a little bit.  First up, Delicate Arch. 

It was really busy so we didn't go all the way down.

We walked out to these double arches and hit the road.

Actually Clark flew his drone first and recorded some footage.

We then headed out to St. Louis to my brother Sam's place.  We didn't time our exit time correctly, so we were behind.  We don't like to buy gas on Sunday, or make any purchases on Sunday, but we did that morning. We missed Sam's church so we hit up the next ward.  It was pretty funny, he wanted us to just go to Sacrament meeting and then come to his house.  But I wanted to go to all of the church meetings--2 hours. So we did that.  I thought it was funny that my brother was trying to talk me into skipping church.  Nope!

We had a great afternoon at his house and enjoyed chatting with Sam and Shawna, and seeing Will, Emma and Hanna.  We left about 6:00pm and drove straight through the night as well.  Lee didn't have patients till about 1 or 2 pm, but we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time just in case something went wrong.  

We arrived home about 7:00am.  After some unloading Lee decided to go to the office at about 8:45 and get some work done before patients arrived. Good thing he did because he had a FULL day of patients scheduled!  No idea how that happened, but it did.  I'm glad we left when we did and made great time.  Such a blessing!

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