Friday, August 9, 2019


The next day, after getting home from Clark's birthday at the lake (I LOVE THE LAKE!!!) we had church.  That afternoon I took a nap, then left that evening for Indiana.  I arrived at Steph's about 3:30 in the morning.  I dropped off Shanna, slept in the suburban and started driving again about 7:00am to go to Iowa. Shanna stayed in Indiana to help Steph with the kids before baby boy was born. We headed up to Deb's to have fun and make our yearly pilgrimage to her house, eat her pizza, go bowling and go to The Falls.

The second day was bowling.  Haley wasn't feeling well and I took her in to an emergicare type place.  She had strep.  So crazy.  And expensive. But glad we could get it taken care of. Good times bowling!

The last morning the kids decorated some t-shirts with paint-very fun-and we hit up and RV lot just for fun. It would be so fun to have an RV.  But it's easy to not have one as well, haha.  But just think of the awesome roadtrips in one of these!  Seems very fun.  But not sure if or when we'll ever get one.

We headed down to another pretty much yearly trip to Nauvoo.  We like staying at the state park right in town.  It's so cheap to camp than get a hotel! We set up camp, then headed to the country fair.

We met Sam and Deb for dinner and the kids had a blast at the fair doing crafts and playing games.

We saw the British pageant that night. Love the Nauvoo pageants.

See the sister missionaries on the bottom/middle?  Well the end of the row of sisters on the very bottom on the right....go up one row.  There is a bald guy in a white shirt, with his wife in a white shirt standing next to him.  She is President Nelson's daughter and her husband is the Nauvoo temple president.  So fun!

The snack shack at the pageant is super fun.  I think only cast members really know about it.  But Deb and her family were in the pageant last year and found out about it.  Each item is only $0.25. Kid heaven!

And to pause for a moment.  Lee came across these photos, or someone did.  A brief interruption for some Lee history.

The next morning I took the kids to do baptisms at the temple and we enjoyed a little more Nauvoo fun.

We then headed back to Indiana to help Steph and Andy with their kids while they went to the hospital for baby boy to be born!

James came on a run with me-so cute!

The time came.  Baby Jake arrived!

The kids had fun meeting their brother and cousin.  And we had fun hanging out together.

Back home, Clark was at band everyday, all day and Lee was working.  They made fun food as well, like sweet and sour chicken.

Nice move with the yogurt, James!

Again, back home, Lee and Clark did fried chicken!

There is a gorgeous dessert place by Indianapolis called the Cake Bake Shop.  They have two locations.  It's just so gorgeous inside!  I picked up a piece of cake for Steph's friend and dropped it by the friend's house.

Baby Jake and Mom and Dad made it home!

A little more fun before heading back home.

I received these gorgeous flowers from Stephanie as a thank yo.  So pretty!  I'm glad it worked out for us to be there! Welcome to our family baby Jake!

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