Thursday, December 28, 2017

Disney World Day 4: Animal Kingdom

We hit up Animal Kingdom on Thursday.  We all loved it there.  That morning we got up very early and were out the door by 6:15am. We arrived at the park at about 6:45.  While I put on my make-up in the Chevy, Lee, the kids and my mom went on in.  We headed straight to the Avatar ride because we didn't have a fast pass for it but wanted to go.  They opened the park really early and I almost got separated from everyone.  They had to wait a little while but then got right in line for the Avatar ride.  We walked to the ride after that without stopping.  We waited about ten minutes once we were inside the building. The ride was so cool!  And it was 7:58 when we walked out.  The park officially opened at 8am that day. Not bad!

The tree was really cool! We wished we would have gone to Animal Kingdom two days.  If we ever go back again we want to go there for two days. 

We had fun on the rive raft ride.  My mom LOVED it! Luckily I sat in the right spot and stayed pretty dry.

The Lion King show was terrific.  Only wish I could have seen the Beauty & the Beast production.

A second river ride.

We went on a fun safari type ride.

There were some performers from Africa outside.  They pulled Matt in and performed for him.  It happened to be his and Deb's anniversary as well so they did a prayer for them.  It was cute.

At the Expedition Everest ride, if you scanned your Magic Band your name would appear on these fake electronic ads.  It was funny.

And the cutest boy there!!!

The Avatar tree all lit up.  Enjoy all the random photos!!!

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