Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Disney World Day 3: Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios, day 3!

Suddenly we were already at day 3.  We arrived fairly early, but not super early.  We had fun going on different rides....I can't remember many ride names! The ride pictures are still some of my favorites. Loved seeing all the palm trees.  Their main street area was super fun too.  Enjoy the pictures!

This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole week!  So awesome!

Okay, so this was the Tower of Terror.  LOVED this ride.  It's a free fall ride.  My backpack became airborne in front of me.  It was totally cool. Hey, I'm the one that's been skydiving, remember? My favorite part of the skydive jump was the free fall. Just falling for about 20 seconds or so.  Totally cool as well.

Shanna, Alysaa, Hyrum and some others did a Jedi training.  They were able to put on costumes and everything.  Thankfully no got lice or scabies!  After their training they fought Kylo Ren individually. The pictures might be out of order, but you'll get the idea.

Out of order, but it was funny seeing so many workers cleaning up one mess.

We weren't into getting photos with characters, but it was awesome getting some with the Storm Troopers.

What is hilarious is that Shanna doesn't like Star Wars.  She was excited to be up on stage, performing.

A "main street" shot.  So festive everywhere!

Karl was a favorite baby! 

Lee, the water bottle man.

The Toy Story ride was awesome.  I loved how we were the "toys" and the room was sized accordingly.

And Steven was the favorite tod

The Tower of Terror!

That night we went to the Indiana Jones show.  Mike's brother Jordan got to be part of the cast, which was fun.  The show was my favorite, actually.  It was more of a demonstration on how they did special effects.  I wish it would have been a show with a story. 

At night they blew tons and tons of bubbles from machines so it mimicked snow.  SO COOL! A successful day!  And one more of Shanna below!

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