Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of Year Parties

Our last full day in Florida was a Sunday.  After we went to church we hung out at the house.  I completely forgot that I had food for everyone for lunch, so we ate quite late.  Lena had a couple of fun games.  One was to open a box with oven mitts only.  But when the person next to you rolled a certain number on the dice then you had to pass the box and the mitts.
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Dec 31 2017 (2)

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Dec 31 2017 (9)

Lee was the lucky guy that found the prize!  Some fun candy in the box.
Dec 31 2017 (10)

Mike made some fun crossbows and Lee bought one.
Dec 31 2017 (11)

Dec 31 2017 (13)

Lena also brought Guesstures, which is really fun.
Dec 31 2017 (14)

Dec 31 2017 (15)

Now that I was 38 and 1 day, we celebrated my birthday with brownies and ice cream.  Lee put on trick candles so I had quite the time blowing them out.  I wonder what candles he'll get on his birthday...
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Dec 31 2017 (17)

Dec 31 2017 (18)

I got some awesome chocolate from Cal!!!
Dec 31 2017 (36)

Lee gave me a year subscription to the N-Style box by Nikki!!! 
Dec 31 2017 (23)

We had lots of snacks and treats that night!
Dec 31 2017 (32)

Dec 31 2017 (33)

At one point near midnight Paul had fallen asleep with his phone in his hand.  We slipped it out and put a banana in there instead.  We busted up laughing.  Ahhh...sorry Paul.  But we couldn't resist!

Happy New Year!
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Dec 31 2017 (26)

At midnight of Monday January 1st, 2018, the kids rang in the new year by jumping into the pool.  It was pretty awesome!
Jan 1 2018 (3)

Jan 1 2018 (2)

Jan 1 2018 (5)

Jan 1 2018 (7)

Shanna wanted to jump in the pool as well, but was fast asleep.  She FINALLY woke up and wasn't happy that she missed the midnight jumping, but finally got in the pool.
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Jan 1 2018 (15)

Jan 1 2018 (18)

A few hours later Monday morning I took my parents to the airport around 5am or so.  I slept a little bit, but not much.  I also did a little laundry before taking off.  Good thing too because when we arrived home some parts on the washer were frozen.  Monday morning was crazy.  I got my parents to the airport just fine, but then the scooter company never came and picked up the scooters my parents rented.  So Lee finally brought them to their store.  We didn't know about a charger that was left at the house and Lee had to turn around to pick that up before going to the store.  We left at 10:02, with a guy from the rental company waiting out front for us.  Our goodbyes to the Bunkers were very quick and we were out of there.  It was crazy cleaning up, telling the kids to eat whatever they wanted, even ice cream, throwing a bunch of food away, and packing.  I even forgot our shampoo and conditioner there.  Boo!  My wallet was misplaced but thankfully it was in our suburban.  Plus Clark and Cal were gone with Lee to the scooter store...I could have really used their help.  Our full deposit was refunded though....WHEW!  I got back all $600 ($300 per house-I put the deposit down on the two rental houses we used).

Thankfully we had an un-eventful drive home.  The kids wanted us to stop somewhere to buy dinner, but we had so much food that we just ate that.  On the way down we stopped in Raleigh for Anthon's Eagle Court of Honor. Lee met us there later after work, which meant we had a second vehicle there.  Thankfully my parents were flying into Raleigh and driving back via our house so my mom offered to drive the Mercury home.  It was such a blessing to go straight home!  We were both really tired too so we had to switch driving a lot.  Thanks Mom!

We had lots of fun mail to go through the next day.
Jan 2 2018 (2)

Plus a huge mess.  The effects of travel!  Happy New Year everyone!
Jan 2 2018

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