Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Disney World Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Day two brought us to the Magic Kingdom!  Clark often split off and went with other cousins while we ran around and did rides.  We also met up as well.  This day I was in charge of meals the whole day.  We got up a little later than normal....probably 6:00am haha, and purposely showed up at the Magic Kingdom after it opened.  We were wiped out from the day before.

It was so fun seeing the castle!

 We hung out with Steven a couple of times so his parents could go on rides together.

I think is when we waited for a performance.....

The Muppets!

Our first ride of the day I think was actually this safari ride....can't remember the name.  The Disney lady that hosted the ride said a rude, sarcastic comment to Haley (to me it was rude) and I was not happy about that.  Not a great start to a magical day. 

The Swiss Family Robinson tree house.  Pretty cool!

We loved the Tiki Room.  I remember going to the Tiki Room at Disneyland.

Steven loved it.  So cute!

There was a treasure hunt the kids could do. With a map they searched for different clues and locations.

We enjoyed a fun ride around the park as well.  I think this is on the train, but I can't remember.....

Out last ride for the day was the haunted mansion.  We chose to wait the 60 minutes in line and visit and eat dinner. 

This was earlier in the day, but we enjoyed the Toy Story ride.  It was fun when you walked into the ride the room was oversized, as if you were a toy.

Out of order, but all in all, a good day at the Magic Kingdom.  We spend most of the day by Splash Mountain area and went back and forth to performances.  We had another day there later in the week, so it worked out well.

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