Sunday, December 24, 2017

Florida, Here We Come!

For Christmas this year we decided to go to Disney World with two of my sisters and their families and my parents.  We weren't quite sure about going, and no joke, a few kids weren't happy when they found out we'd be skipping Christmas at home.  But we went forward with our plans. 

Before going sadly there was the usual rush to get things skirts!
Dec 21 2017 (48)

Dec 21 2017 (49)

We finally were on the road...several hours late!  The kids and I drove to Raleigh by ourselves so we could go to my nephew's court of honor for his Eagle Scout!  So cool!  Lee worked in Harrisonburg till closing time, then drove down and met us about 11pm.

I am so glad we could be at the court of honor.  My parents were there as well. My dad was asked to say a few words.
Dec 22 2017 (3)

My brother Daniel is the scout committee old calling!
Dec 22 2017 (4)

It's official!  Anthon is an Eagle Scout!
Dec 22 2017 (5)

Dec 22 2017 (6)

Dec 22 2017 (7)

Dec 22 2017

Three generations of Eagle Scouts!
Dec 22 2017 (8)

Dec 22 2017 (9)

We went to Daniel's to hang out for a little bit till Lee arrived.  They fed us dinner as well which was super nice.
Dec 22 2017 (10)

We drove through the night and made it to Florida about 8am.  I went into a session and then later Lee and the boys went in to do baptisms. 

Dec 23 2017 (13)

Dec 23 2017 (14)

It was fun seeing the fruit trees at the temple!
Dec 23 2017 (17)

The kids loved all the lizards.
Dec 23 2017 (11)

Dec 23 2017 (12)

Dec 23 2017 (10)

The Orlando Temple.
Dec 23 2017 (23)

Dec 23 2017 (4)

Dec 23 2017 (3)

Dec 23 2017 (2)

Next stop was Downtown Disney.  Looking back I wish we wouldn't have gone here.  It was just a bunch of shops and we were on a time crunch.  We did go to the Lego store which was fun, but we've been to one of those before. 
Dec 23 2017 (18)

Dec 23 2017 (19)

Dec 23 2017 (21)

Dec 23 2017 (22)

A fun place to browse and go shopping, but not just to go for the sake of my opinion.
Dec 23 2017 (36)

Dec 23 2017 (37)

We went to Costco (a business one....rats!) then dropped Lee and the kids off at the house.  It was fun seeing the house, and we got everything unloaded really quick.  I then went to Walmart to pick up a grocery order.  The kids loved the pool.
Dec 23 2017 (5)

Dec 23 2017 (6)

Dec 23 2017 (8)

The kids loved the house, as I said.  The house was big, with lots of rooms, but it was in bad shape.  We sent the owner tons of pictures so we wouldn't be charged for the damage.
Dec 23 2017 (9)

That night dinner was your own meat, with everything else potluck.  We actually ate before everyone because it was getting so late.

Dec 23 2017 (38)

Church was only sacrament meeting since it was Christmas Eve (and my dad's birthday!).  It was fun being with everyone.  This church was huge and had a double chapel.
Dec 24 2017 (27)

After church we did some pictures since I normally get a picture of my kids during Christmas on one Sunday. It ended up being a full on photo shoot.  The kids weren't super happy.
Dec 24 2017 (28)

Dec 24 2017 (29)

Dec 24 2017 (31)

Dec 24 2017 (33)

Dec 24 2017 (13)

Dec 24 2017 (12)

After church, and once the food was ready, we had a birthday dinner for my dad with ham and lots of yummy dishes.  It was fun sitting outside in the screened pool area.  Touching the water was off limits, which for the most part was obeyed.

Dec 24 2017 (35)

More lizards!
Dec 24 2017 (38)

We enjoyed a Sunday walk.
Dec 24 2017 (6)

I also enjoyed sitting pool side.  Very relaxing.
Dec 24 2017 (40)

Lee took some of the kids on a little walk.
Dec 24 2017 (8)

Dec 24 2017 (9)

Paul was on his phone a ton, haha.  He and baby Karl look so cute!
Dec 24 2017 (41)

Dec 23 2017 (35)

My dad read the Nativity story, and the kids acted it out.
Dec 24 2017 (43)

Oh, before that....Sunday naps.
Dec 24 2017 (7)

And King Herod and his cronies.
Dec 24 2017 (17)

Dec 23 2017 (33)

Dec 24 2017 (16)

Of course yummy treats on my dad's birthday!  He is 70!
Dec 24 2017 (18)

Birthday present time! 
Dec 24 2017 (19)

We took pj pictures Sunday night since Monday morning would be so crazy.
Dec 24 2017 (54)

Dec 24 2017 (20)

Dec 24 2017 (21)

Dec 24 2017 (22)

Dec 24 2017 (23)

So fun that we all matched!
Dec 24 2017 (24)

We spent the rest of the night getting kids to bed, then setting out all the fun gifts Deborah put together for the kids.  I should have taken pictures of the set-up but completely forgot.  Stephanie got me on Marco Polo and I did movies for her.  It was really fun.

Next up.....six days in Disney World!!!!!

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