Friday, October 28, 2016

Last Days of the Summer Season

Even though summer vacation ended, in my book summer isn't over till it's over!  The first week of school was pretty nice considering that the kids didn't have much school work and I did whatever it is I do at home.

But strain of a new school year does set in.  One afternoon Elden refused to do his homework. He lay down on his backpack and eventually fell asleep.
Sept 8 2016 (2)

I think a nap is what he needed.  Nice way to represent the "Y" right? 
Sept 8 2016 (3)

About the middle of September we enjoyed the tri-unit camp out.  Honestly, Lee and I did not want to go.  We had been so busy and hadn't enjoyed a weekend home in a long time.  But we decided to go anyway and like always it was a great time.  We loved being out in nature with friends, enjoying our "foil" dinners.  Such a fun evening visiting!  The kids had fun running around too.
Sept 9 2016

It was really cute that Haley brought her and Shanna's tent and slept in it too!   She set it up by herself and also did the take down.
Sept 10 2016

After a yummy breakfast we headed over to a different camp site to take down tent platforms for our ward day of service--a good coordination of events by our ward leaders!  We camped at the local boy scout camp for this activity.   And we were able to stay at Camp Shenandoah for free since some of us put in volunteer time at a funnel cake booth at the county fair (including me!). 
Sept 10 2016 (2)

Sept 10 2016 (4)

Sept 10 2016 (9)

We need to do more projects like this as a family.  My kids helped but need to work on being harder workers....
Sept 10 2016 (7)

That afternoon Lee used his bike pass to ride in the new bike park at Massanutten.  Clark tagged along.  They had to rent a bike since Clark's bike doesn't have front fork suspension.  Did I get that right, Lee?
Sept 10 2016 (3)

Something sweet about the bike park is that you ride the ski lift up and bike down.  Can't get much better!
Sept 10 2016 (10)

Sept 10 2016 (11)

Elden gave a talk in primary one Sunday......
Sept 11 2016

So I ordered alarm clocks for the kids and when I was expecting a green alarm clock for Elden this is what I got.  Ummm....not even close.  Too funny!
Sept 13 2016 (2)

Lee has been doing a lot more bike rides lately, which has been great.  He bascially hasn't ridden his bike since we've been married.  I mean, sure, he rode it all the time to school and work, but not long rides for pleasure or exercise.  Especially not mountain bike riding except for our yearly trip to Nevada.  One afternoon he parked his van (isn't is awesome that he has a van and now I don't, ha ha, that just struck me as funny) at the gate entrance to Shenandoah National Park and rode his bike all the way up to the picnic area at Big Meadows.  Nice work Lee! We met up for lunch. He had fun riding down too.  And I had fun driving back in a vehicle!
Sept 13 2016

I am the cubmaster so I don't do anything with den meetings but I will help out to be an extra leader at den meetings.  Sometimes Elden hangs out with me.  One night the den leader did cooking.  Elden quite enjoyed it.
Sept 14 2016 (2)

Sept 14 2016 (3)

I picked up two of my nieces to come stay with us for a few days while their parents moved from one town to another.  We had fun having Lisa and Jessica with us! One night we went to Martin's, a local grocery store.  Their bulk candy isle is awesome.  I told the kids they could spend $0.25.  Lisa won with spending only $0.08 total--it was definitely under $0.10!  So fun!
Sept 14 2016 (4)

Jessica wasn't too far behind.  Her's was under $0.15 if I recall.
Sept 14 2016 (5)

Sept 14 2016 (6)

Once a week I make copies at the school, as many of you know.  Lisa and Jessica came with me and brought their homework.  After working on their work for a little while, a couple trips to the library, Lee showed them the scrap paper and they started using the die cuts.  They loved it! 
Sept 15 2016 (2)

Sept 15 2016

I walked around the school with them to look at posters for kids running for the Student Council Association. I liked these.
Sept 15 2016 (3)

Sept 15 2016 (6)

And Shanna's!  Jessica helped Shanna and I with the posters.
Sept 15 2016 (4)

We saw Shanna too.  So cozy! Not so sure about pillows at school....moving on...
Sept 15 2016 (5)

Lee came to the school during lunch--hence him giving the die cut idea to the girls.  Lee took them to the cafeteria and the girls ate lunch with Shanna and Haley.
Sept 15 2016 (11)

One the way home!  This is the church where the kids take piano lessons.
Sept 15 2016 (7)

That same night Shanna, Haley and Elden went to soccer.  Elden and Haley went the first night and Shanna decided she wanted to join too.  It was great because soccer for all of them was the same night, same time.

Sept 15 2016 (8)

Sept 15 2016 (9)

And little 'ol me who doesn't do sports accidentally bought them baseball/softball cleats instead of soccer cleats.  Doh.
Sept 15 2016 (10)

I bought new scriptures a couple of years ago. Sadly the binding became unglued.  I finally did something about it and looked around for a book repair.  I found one in Broadway, but that is about a 40 minute drive.  I thought about BYU and how some of my former missionary companions worked in the book repair division at the library, so I contacted the JMU library.  A lady there offered to repair my book, and for free!!! It was so sweet of her.  She let the kids in on the process too.  Very simple also.

Sept 16 2016 (2)

Sept 16 2016

The girl's liked seeing this bug with eyelashes.  Oh how I'm going to miss wearing shorts and t-shirts once the cold weather finally settles in....
Sept 16 2016 (3)

Clark had fun at a youth sports activity one Saturday.
Sept 17 2016 (3)

Sept 17 2016 (4)

Lee enjoyed another bike ride!
Sept 17 2016 (6)

Sept 17 2016 (7)

Sept 17 2016 (8)

The bonus of warm weather...getting wet on the trampoline!
Sept 17 2016 (14)

Lee and I went to a local play and dinner done by the middle school teachers and staff, and some people in the community.  It was really fun and we want to take all the kids next year.  This was our big 1-4 anniversary date! Next year we plan on doing something bigger the celebrate our 15 year mark.
Sept 17 2016 (16)

Fun bottle with drippy candle.
Sept 17 2016 (17)

Sept 17 2016 (18)

One of Lee's tires on his van periodically went flat.  He would just fill it up with our air compressor and be on his merry way.  This happened at least, what, 10-15 times?  Finally he decided (this is over the course of at LEAST a whole year) to take it in and get it patched.  Guess what the tire guys saw?  Soo thankful this didn't blow up!  But after taking the tire in for what we thought was a $15 repair, he came home with two new tires for a whole lot more than $15. Nice knowing though that his tires are fine now!
Sept 17 2016

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