Monday, October 24, 2016

Lee's Birthday!

In case you were wondering....we did celebrate Lee's birthday this year!  But before we head into that, we got rid of our old piano and FINALLY bought a new one!  If there is any thing we've learned from fixing-up and furnishing a home, it's that it takes time.  Lots of time.  Even when money isn't the issue, time is. 
Sept 1 2016 (2)

We are very pleased with it.  We even get a "free" tuning this fall! 
Sept 1 2016

This fall Lee and I started coordinating our second Financial Peace University Class.  The same church down the street graciously let us use their building again.  We plan to continue to host the class through the coming years, but not sure how often. 
Sept 1 2016 (3)

In the workbook there are articles, examples, case studies, budget forms, etc.  I love this one.  The power of interest!
Sept 8 2016

Shanna has dyed her hair a couple times with food coloring with her friend.  A couple of times it washed right out.  Last time she did pink her friend did a little too much and Shanna had pink hair for quite awhile. 
Sept 1 2016 (4)

Now on to this guy's special day.  I met him for lunch that day, which is always fun.
Sept 2 2016 (2)

Lee wanted to go to Pizza Hut for his birthday dinner, so we did just that! 
Sept 2 2016 (3)

Party time!  We had a fun family party at home that evening.  I love the birthday hat embellishments that Haley did for Lee.  So cute!
Sept 2 2016 (4)

Sept 2 2016 (6)

The big 36!  We are the same age for a few months.  Then I turn a year older.  I thought glasses would be an appropriate image on his birthday cake.
Sept 2 2016 (7)

Sept 2 2016 (8)

He received some fun presents, like, you know, socks!
Sept 2 2016 (9)

I also bought him a wooden alarm clock and a season bike pass to a local bike park at a ski resort.  He's enjoyed using it.  He gets to ride the chairlift up to the bike trails and ride down.  So far he's taken Clark twice and Cal once.  The boys have enjoyed it too.  He also received nice cards and money from his parents and my parents. 
Sept 2 2016 (10)

I thought this was email from Lee to Lee.  Better get those eyes checked Lee!
Sept 8 2016 (4)

We sure love you Lee!  I am so grateful for his continual kindness, hard work and love.  What a great guy!

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