Sunday, October 9, 2016

School's In!

Well, it's already October, and I'm finally posting about school starting.  Thus my blogger life. 
The sad morning of school starting back happened.  I love the freedom of summer break.  I'll admit, I do like my days when the kids are at school, but it's always sad when summer ends.  Thankfully the first few days of school (so far) are low key with not much school work.  I guess it's more my selfishness than anything...I don't like all the homework and projects that go along with school, hence the love of the summer break.  We had cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk for breakfast.
Aug 23 2016

First morning pictures!
Aug 23 2016 (2)

Aug 23 2016 (3)

Aug 23 2016 (4)

Aug 23 2016 (5)

Aug 23 2016 (6)

The kids off to school!  Cal rode his bike to school with Lee that morning.  See our apple tree on the right?  We had so many apples on the tree!  Our first year ever!  Usually we get only 5 apples.  I can't believe Cal is in middle school.  I was very worried about him going, and he was nervous too.  But so far it's worked out!  I told him (and myself) that he just needs to take it a day at a time and all will go well. And remember to do homework!
Aug 23 2016 (7)

Only three at the elementary school.  It's kind of weird. 
Aug 23 2016 (8)

Aug 23 2016 (9)

My baby is in 2nd grade!  So crazy.  Soon he'll be heading off on his mission....  The 2nd grade team does such awesome bulletin boards.
Aug 23 2016 (10)

One perk of back to school....just me and the shopping cart at the grocery store.  Not gonna lie, going grocery shopping by myself is quite nice.
Aug 23 2016 (11)

And wow, Christmas in August?  Crazy!  But seriously, it's only two months away! I've started buying presents and want to get them bought early.  I am determined to have a peaceful, fun December!
Aug 23 2016 (12)

After dropping off the kids, and before the shopping, I met up with some friends for breakfast.  We've been doing that for a few years now and it's a fun little tradition.

Cal after school!  He had a good first day of 6th grade!
Aug 23 2016 (13)

Kind of fun seeing Lee's ads in the paper...
Aug 24 2016

Thursday I headed back to school for my regular volunteering of copying. I was kind of shocked when I saw a brand new copier!  A nightmare!  Well, not really, but I really used to the other copier.  But I did get the hang of the new one, so all is well. 
Aug 25 2016 (2)

I have to say, I felt pretty special seeing this!  I have an official file folder in the copy room just for me!
Aug 25 2016

We bought two matching paintings in Iowa this summer and Lee hung them in our family room.  I love them! 
Aug 26 2016

Aug 26 2016 (2)

I also gave blood one afternoon at the community center.  I was very impatient to leave to pick the kids up from school, and the worker was short with me. 
Aug 26 2016 (3)

That Saturday we headed up to the Philadelphia open house.  It was so awesome going walking through the temple with all my kids.  Before a temple is dedicated, and open only to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the public is invited to come and tour the temple.  It was really neat being in the Celestial room together.  We won't be together there till Elden is 18.  Even then who knows where all the other kids will be.  I need to find a picture of us in front of the temple! 

Afterwards we went to Darrell's for one last hurrah before they moved.  We of course enjoyed the pool.
Aug 26 2016 (4)

We celebrated Eric's birthday too!  What a great kid!
Aug 26 2016 (5)

Love when there are big crowds of family together!
Aug 26 2016 (6)

The "triplets".  These guys have so much fun together.
Aug 26 2016 (7)

The next day, Sunday, Lee and I hosted a fireside for the youth.  It was on personal finance. I think we probably overloaded them with info, but mainly we focused on give (pay tithing), save (pay yourself first, and when in college make sure you have an emergency fund) and spend (spend your money wisely---the necessities of life come first, and it's okay to become wealthy and enjoy your money if you are a generous giver and have money saved to care for your family).
Aug 27 2016 (2)

Haley sleeping on their little play comfy.....?
Aug 27 2016 (3)

Another perk about kids at school are lunch dates with Lee! We have a Burger King in town and I think I've been there, maybe twice?  This date being the second time.
Aug 30 2016 (2)

Aug 30 2016

School is going well so far.  I hope it continues through the year!  Hope all of your kids are enjoying school!

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