Wednesday, October 5, 2016

End of summer randomness

We arrived home from our summer travels with a week to spare before school started.  We didn't slow down much as we headed to the county fair for family home evening the very next day.  I actually remembered this year to set aside money for the fair!
Aug 15 2016 (2)

Rides Monday night were $1 each.  We let our kids pick 5 rides they wanted to, well, ride. 
Aug 15 2016 (3)

Aug 15 2016 (4)

Aug 15 2016 (6)

I participated only with the bumper cars.  And why did people keep bumping me?!  Ha.  Lee did a few more rides and the kids loved having him along.
Aug 15 2016 (7)

Aug 15 2016 (9)

Aug 15 2016 (10)

Aug 15 2016 (11)

Aug 15 2016 (12)

We also did some school shopping. I think these shoes needed replacing... The tax free weekend happened while we were out of state.  Oh well.
Aug 16 2016

Shanna made chocolate chip cookies by herself for the first time!  I coached her, but she did all the labor.
Aug 17 2016

The last week of break the girls had an awesome Activity Days camp.  They crafted, made flowers with the elderly at a nursing home, went horseback riding, played at some parks, made snacks, etc.  Our Activity Day leader does a terrific job and our girls really enjoyed it.
Aug 18 2016

One night that week we decided to go out for dinner as a sort of back-to-school dinner. Yum!
Aug 19 2016 (2)

Aug 19 2016

That weekend we met up with some friends at the Shenandoah National Park.  We roasted hot dogs for dinner, and ate some other yummy s'mores!  The kids had fun building this fort.  Love the creativity!
Aug 20 2016

The kids love visiting Lee's office.  Who can't resist trying on glasses?
Aug 20 2016 (2)

Lee has some sweet new glasses made in....Denmark?  Sweden?  I think Sweden. Lee will have to correct me.  The construction is amazing, using no screws.  Plus they're incredibly flexible and can hold a lot of weight.  Yes, that is a real five pound weight at the end of their glasses!
Aug 20 2016 (3)

One night we needed the Mercury moved forward, and I got the bright idea to have Clark have a go.  He needs to work on his breaking (and every other driving skill as he's never ever driven before).  Thankfully he didn't hit the Chevy.
Aug 21 2016 (4)

And who doesn't love pictures mid-talking?
Aug 21 2016

Now if summer vacation can just be extended two more weeks.....

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