Friday, January 17, 2014

The Nutcrakcer

Last year Shanna, Haley and I started going to the Nutcracker.  Two of my friends also do this with their girls every year, and I thought it would be fun to do with mine too.  Last year my sister Lois came along and we had fun going out to eat beforehand too.  We saw the Moscow Ballet perform the Nutcracker last year, which was really fun.  I wanted to see them again this year but their only performance was scheduled on a Sunday.  So that was out.  My friend Jenny told me about a local production of the Nutcracker that her daughter was performing in. They bring in two ballet professionals too for the production.  I decided to go to this one.  I found out that my mom and later my sister would be in town that same night so I got tickets for them too.  It was fun going with the other girl cousins and my mom and sister.  Lois was going to come this year too but she was sick.  I missed her that weekend!
Dec 21 2013 The Nutcracker

I had an extra ticket since Lois wasn't able to come.  I didn't want to waste it so we invited our neighbor friend to come with us.  She is the girl with the brown hair, wearing the dress with the black top and red skirt
Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker

Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (2)

My sister Lena with three of her daughters (she has four...and three boys too!) and my mom...and our neighbor friend in there too. It was fun all going together!
Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (3)

Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (4)

It's funny that we ended up with stripes!
Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (5)

It was a cute production of the Nutcracker and it was fun seeing my friend Jenny and her daughter that night too.  I think the cutest part of the night was seeing the girls do ballet "moves" afterwards.  So darling!
Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (6)

Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (7)

It was such a nice evening out.  Seriously, this was the best part of the whole night.  So cute.
Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (8)

Since we had quite a large group of little ones, I didn't even want to try and go out to eat...for a couple of reasons.  But I still wanted to do something fun.  Right after the ballet I gave everyone a treat bag with a candy cane and some yummy chocolates.  Then Lena drove over to Lee's office at Walmart.  I think it's funny when I go in his office late at night.  Wonder what people think, ha ha.  That morning I made a chocolate cheesecake (this was my first time EVER making a cheesecake!).  We had that and some pop.  I bought some hors d'oeuvre forks to eat the cheesecake.  I thought that was really fun.  I like eating dessert with small utensils. 
Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (9)

Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (10)

Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (11)

Shanna fell asleep on the way home in Lena's van.  Lee put her on the couch and later that evening she slid off. 
Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (12)

She was rock solid asleep.  It was sooo funny.  I couldn't resist taking pictures.  It looks SO uncomfortable.  She just stayed there and didn't wake up.  I finally put her back on the couch.
Dec 21 2013 Nutcracker (13)

Lena's family was there for the weekend.  We all went to church on Sunday and hung out.  Monday we went to the park and did a little shopping. They also received eye exams from Lee.  Here we all are at Walmart!
Dec 21 2013 shopping with the Ereksons

Ethan had sprained his ankle pretty bad and had crutches. (Right Lena?)  The kids enjoyed pushing him around.  I think Ethan enjoyed being in the wheelchair. 
Dec 21 2013 shopping with the Ereksons (2)

We wished Lena and her family could have stayed longer.  Monday afternoon is when Mike built the chairs for the girls and the bench for our table.  We can't wait till they come back again for a visit!

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